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How to Get Rid of Stitch Marks

Going through surgery can be one of the toughest experiences a person has. Surgery usually involves invasive procedures where doctors usually end up cutting the patient up to fix any internal organs that are at risk. Although it is a rough experience, expect that surgery may be able to correct any irregularities in the body. You may ask, the doctor opens you up, how do they close the wound? The simple answer is stitching.

You can expect to be stitched up by a doctor if you have a bigger than usual wound. This helps the skin to heal faster and bond with each other until the wound close up. Doctors use specially formulated equipments to stitch a person up but there are times that they would see stitch marks which can look like a centipede embedded on your skin. Stitch marks is usually visible and it is not pleasant to look at. They stand out and you can easily see it as their color is different from the normal skin.

Stitch marks can cause emotional scars, especially after an individual goes through surgery. The fear of being mocked because of the scar may prove unbearable and can hurt a person’s feelings. To get rid of stitch marks, you need a combination of special procedures as well as medicines that can keep the scar minimal and less visible. Here are some of the things that you can do to get rid of stitch marks:

Do not expose the stitch marks in the sun

It is pretty obvious what happens to a person when they are exposed for a long period under the sun. Their skin darkens or it becomes tanned. This is one of those scenarios where you wouldn’t want to be exposed under the sun especially if you have a scar that is exposed to it. The stitch marks have dark colors and exposing them to the sun would lead to darker skin. If you have stitch marks in the arms, you can cover it up with long sleeves. Wear clothing that will not leave your skin bare from the sun as the discoloration can definitely be obvious.

Apply skin care products to the stitch mark

There are a lot of products that can help minimize the visibility of the scar. These products help lighten the color of the skin. You can check out lotions that contains either cocoa butter and Vitamin E. What you need to do is to massage the product into the affected area at least once or twice a day. When you do this regularly, you can expect the scar to fade over time. The length of time that you have to wait before the scar fully heals would depend on the age as well as the severity of the scar.

As the best person to talk to regarding this condition, you should pay a visit to your dermatologist so they can diagnose the condition and they will be able to prescribe the right medicine or ointment that you can use.

Ask your doctor for alternatives

if you feel that invasive surgery is too much, you can actually check with your doctor for other options to perform a medical procedure. There are advancements in the field of medicine that allows for less invasive procedures. These are available for minor surgeries but nevertheless, it can help you prevent getting an ugly scar after the surgery.

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