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How to Get Rid of Stomach Hair

Any part of your body other than you head that has hair on it are very frustrating. It’s like they don’t deserve to be there—much more if you have stomach hair. What on earth are they doing there in the first place? To answer that, there are really some people that have this kind of problem. It can be because of some hormonal imbalance or a genetic trait that you got from your parents.

For men, stomach hair is fairly common. It’s just natural to them that they don’t even bother to get rid of it. However, how are the women going to flaunt their favourite bikinis and hanging shirts of they have this ugly stomach hair? Four words: get-rid-of-it… in any way possible. Lucky for you, there are a couple of ways for you to choose from:


This may be the most common and well-known way to get rid of any form of hair growth. However, you have to take into consideration that your tummy has a curved shape. For this, there is a specialized tilted head razor to finish the job perfectly. It is designed to mechanically follow the natural curves as you shave your stomach’s hair. For best results, use lubricating gels, creamy lotions or shaving creams. This will make shaving the hair off as easy as possible and will leave a flawless surface after shaving. Another trick is to pour warm water before shaving as it dilates the skin surface and opening the pores thus it can make the shaving process very easily. Lastly, you may have to repeat this every week or every other week as your stomach hair will grow back.


This is very relevant for those who have only a few stomach hairs. Pluck those carefully using a good old pair of tweezers. It can cause you to twitch every now and then but a few strands won’t be a problem. You can also use lubricants and warm water to loosen up the hair follicles that hold it to your skin. Good news for this tip is that it gives you one month before the stomach hair grows back again.

Depilatory cream

This kind of cream is much known for eliminating hair by dissolving it. All you have to do is to apply the depilatory cream on the skin surface where you have the unwanted hair. After a few seconds (depending on the instructions), wipe the cream off and rinse thoroughly. It’s as easy as ABC. Not only that it is that easy, it also has a loner lasting effects than shaving and plucking. Also, you can just purchase this in beauty shops and pharmacies. It may be a little pricy than buying a razor or a pair of tweezers but it saves you a lot of time and hassle.  Other gels and creams to consider are brands such as Nair.

Waxing kits and more

Whether you want to have a professional help you with your waxing, or you want to use a kit, waxing is a great alternative when you’re looking to get rid of any hair on your body.  Keep in mind that waxing is a very painful process and can leave big, red rashes afterwards.

Consider bleaching

While bleaching isn’t going to get rid of the hair, it’s a great alternative to choose if you don’t feel like shaving.  Bleaching kits are going to enable the hair to blend in with your skin, so that you can’t see it.  Before you try this method, test it on a smaller area to test the results to see if you’re going to like it or not.

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