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How To Get Rid Of Table Rings

Do you see round spots all over your table when you remove your tablecloth? These spots that appear on your lovely table tops are water marks or table rings. It is not unusual for table rings to appear. Even though you cover your table with a beautiful piece of cloth, when you constantly place a wet water glass or sweating hot cups on it, water marks are very likely to appear.

If you have a shiny, well-crafted wooden table, you will hate the sight of water marks on your table tops. DO not worry though, because you can still bring back the beauty of your table furniture. Aside from hiding these table rings using a layer of table cloth, there are many remedies that you can choose from in order to clean up these water marks. If you want to get rid of table rings caused by water, here are some things you can do.

Baking soda

The all-around instant home remedy baking soda also work great in removing table rings. Just create a baking soda paste by mixing together a tablespoon of baking soda and a teaspoon of water. Using your bare fingers or a piece of cloth, rub the table rings with this baking soda paste. Keep on rubbing the table ring in circular motions until the marks disappear.

Vinegar and oil

What baking soda can do, the vinegar can do as well. To create a mixture that will remove the water max on your table tops, just combine equal parts of vinegar and oil together. Using a sponge or a piece of cloth, rub this solution against the surface until the table ring is lifted up. Wipe the surface again with clean cloth to bring back your table’s shine.


You probably do not expect ashes to have any use with household cleaning but it can actually help in removing water marks on tables. Simply gather ashes from cigarettes or burn a piece of paper and get its remains. Drop some ounces of water over the ashes until they turn into a paste. Put some ash paste over the table rings and use a cloth to rub the surface.


Salt can easily remove table rings. Simply mix one teaspoon of salt and just drop some water over it so that the salt can melt. Gently scrub the table rings using the salt and water with the help of a sponge until the water mark becomes lighter and lighter.


Toothpaste has ingredients that can help remove the table rings. Just polish your table tops using non-gel toothpaste. Rub it around the water rings until they are not visible anymore. Then, wipe the toothpaste off with a wet cloth.

Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly can remove water marks on your table as well. Apply a hazelnut size of petroleum jelly over the table rings and leave it overnight. The next morning, using a piece of cloth soaked in warm water, wipe your table tops.

Car wax

Car wax works like furniture polish. Just pat a little amount of car wax all over the table rings. Let the car wax sit on the table tops for a while then wipe it with soft cloth afterwards.

Furniture polish

Once you have remove the water marks on your table, you should use some furniture polish to make your table tops look shiny and new again.

What worked for you?

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