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How To Get Rid Of Tack Holes

Are you tired of how your house looks like? Do you want to modify your interior design? If you want to keep your house in style, you might need to redo your house layout and before you can transfer wall decorations and other furnishing from one place to another, you have to deal with tack holes first. Tack holes, nail holes and other holes in your wall are not really a problem but when you need to move things around your house, they can give you inconvenience.

Tack holes can make your wall look cheap even if your house furnishings are in place. So if you want to make your house beautiful, it should be free from flaws including tack holes. Tack holes are quite easy to fix. You just need to fill the holes up and your wall will look good again. If you want to get rid of tack holes, here are some quick and easy fixes you can do.


If the tack hole is just small, you can use your kid’s crayon to cover the whole. Get the color that is similar with your wall or door’s paint. Then, simply use it to fill the tack hole. There are also special crayon fillers for house furniture. You can get them at the hardware depot. They are quite cheap but your kid’s crayon is cheaper.

Melted candle

Melted candle can be used in filling up tack holes as well. Just get a candle that matches the color of the wall or furnishing that has the tack holes. Simply light a candle and get some of the melted drops. While the candle drops is still soft, use it to fill the tack hole. You can use a small tack to pack the hole with the melted candle. Once the melted candle dries up, the tack hole will not be visible anymore.

White toothpaste

For small tack holes, white toothpaste can work. You can just fill the small hole with the white toothpaste and let it dry. When the toothpaste has dried up, clean the excess bits around the hole. Then, dab paint over the area to match the color of your wall or furniture.


For bigger holes, you might need to fill the holes with wall or wood fillers. One thing you can use is plaster. Plaster works great in hiding tack holes. Just prepare your plaster mixture, and using a putty knife. Fill up the tack holes. Let the plaster dry and use a sand paper to flatten out the area. Color the filled tack hole with the same paint of your wall or furniture.

Joint compound mixture

Joint compound mixture, like plaster, is used to fix bigger cracks and holes around your home. You can get readily-mixed joint compound in almost all the hardware stores out there. If you are fixing only a few tack holes, you can just ask your neighbor or friend for some compound mixture if they have some. Using a putty knife spread the joint compound mixture over the tack hole. Let the compound mixture dry. Using a sand paper, sand the filled area so that it will be leveled with the wall or the surface of your house furnishing with the tack holes. Once you have sanded up, match the wall or furniture color using paint.

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