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How To Get Rid Of Tadpoles

Do you own a garden pond or a swimming pool? Do you see little things wiggling around the water in your pond or pool? If you take a closer look, you might be having an unwanted invasion of tadpoles. If there are a lot of frogs around your area, you can expect that there are even more tadpoles swimming around the waters. Tadpoles are actually little frogs that will eventually grow into adult frogs after some time. So if you have tadpoles in your garden pond or swimming pool, you should get rid of it right away to avoid a bigger frogs and tadpole problem.

Tadpoles are generally harmless aside from their annoying presence. They only become a big nuisance when they turn into frogs and make your lot look like it has been under a witch’s spell. Before they can turn into adult frogs, you must remove those tadpoles to save yourself from having headaches. If you want to get rid of tadpoles, here are some instructions you can follow.

Know what they are

Tadpoles, if not examined thoroughly, might look just one and the same. However, there are actually many species of frogs. Before you try different approaches to get rid of the tadpoles, it is best if you can determine what frog specie are those tadpoles in your pond or pool. You can use reference materials such as books or the Internet to know what kind of tadpoles they are.

Scoop them up

Using net scoopers is the most basic removal for tadpoles. To know the right net scooper for the tadpoles in your pond or pool, you can catch some tadpoles first in a jar and try to pour it over the net scooper. If the tadpoles did not slip, then your net scooper is the right one. Simply scoop those tadpoles and collect them inside a bucket. Without water, tadpoles will not survive and die almost immediately.

Get omnivorous fish

Omnivorous fish will eat both plants and meat. There are various kinds of fish that will feed on small tadpoles. Simple pet goldfish can actually eat those tadpoles so you can just buy some and transfer them to your pond.

Having fish living in your pool is actually not too practical so this method works only with ponds.

Use chlorine

Chlorine is a chemical that can kill germs, bacteria, algae, tadpoles and even fish. So if the tadpoles are living in your garden pond, you should refrain from using chemicals all in all. Should you choose to use chlorine, make sure to temporarily transfer the fish in your pond to an aquarium until the effect of chlorine to the water has reduced.

If the tadpoles are living in your pool, you can just pour some chlorine over the water and let the chemical kill the tadpoles. You might need to drain the water in your pool if you do not want to swim with dead tadpoles. Also, once you have refilled the pool, you can use chlorine to avoid further infestation.

Ask for help

If you cannot get rid of the tadpoles in your pool or pond, it might be better to ask for help. Call the nearest office that offers frog control services and ask them to remove those tadpoles from your garden pond or swimming pool.

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