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How To Get Rid Of Tag Moles

Do you want a perfectly flawless skin? Even if you do not really have acne and other skin impurities, if you have tag moles, you still won’t be able to achieve that soft and mark-free skin. Tag moles are actually benign skin lesions. They are usually dark brown or black in color, although some moles appear in other colors. Tag moles grow on the skin from childhood to adulthood. Health professional say that tag moles that it is normal to have about 10 to 40 moles on the skin.

The skin cells are supposed to be evenly spread all around the skin. When the skin cells group and grow together, tag moles can appear. Although tag moles are generally not harmful, there are some cases when they show sign of cancer. Whether you want to get rid of tag moles because it makes your skin look impure, or if you just do not want to risk yourself from extracting cancer, then you should remove those tag moles in your skin. Here are some methods on how to can get rid of tag moles.

Consult a health expert

Tag moles, being made up of skin cells, are obviously part of your skin. It is not like acne or pimple that you can just pop out. Removal of tag moles need to be done by a skin expert. So if you want to get rid of tag moles, consult a dermatologist.

If the tag moles are located near your eye, instead of going to a dermatologist, it might be advisable to consult an ophthalmologist instead.


Cryotherapy is one of the most common surgical procedures that doctors administer to get rid of tag moles. Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the tag moles. Cryotherapy is actually an almost painless procedure because the cold liquid nitrogen will numb your skin. The downside of cryotherapy is that it can lead to skin discolorization.


Cauterization is another surgical procedure to get rid of the tag moles on your skin. Unlike the cryotherapy that uses the cold liquid nitrogen, cauterization uses electricity to burn the tag mole. Cauterization is very effective although you may meet temporary side effects after undergoing the process.

Scissor removal

If you want a procedure that will instantly remove those tag moles, you can opt to undergo surgery using scissors. This method is best done with tag moles that are elevated. However, this process might be a bit of a hassle because you might experience bleeding and slight pain for the following days.

Home surgery

Aside from those costly surgical removal procedures, you can remove little tag moles by yourself. Be warned that removing tag moles by yourself is not advisable though. But if you do not have enough cash to undergo professional procedures, you can try methods that are similar to cryotherapy or cauterization. You can freeze your mole with ice or slightly burn them with fire for about a minute. When you feel numb enough, you can cut your skin tag with scissors.

Dental floss

You can also try the dental floss method in the comforts of your home to remove your tag moles. Simply tie up the thin skin connection of the tag mole to your skin with a dental floss. Keep it in place for some days until the tag moles falls out.

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