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How To Get Rid Of Tag Warts

Do you have tag warts and want to get rid of it? Tag warts are small, rough, elevated portion of skin that is actually a tumor. They look like solid blisters that are most commonly found on human feet and hands. Some people believe that tag warts are caused by frogs but in fact, these skin impurities are caused by viral infection of papillomavirus or HPV. They are also very contagious and even a light skin contact can spread this papillomavirus.

Tag warts usually go away within a couple of months to years and they can even grow again even though they have already disappeared. So if you have tag warts, it might be better to get rid of them instead of just waiting. In the first place, these skin infections are caused by viruses so you should take proper methods to remove them. If you have tag warts that are making your hands and feet look ugly, here are some things you can do to get rid of tag warts.


The high concentration of acids in the vinegar can kill the viruses causing the tag warts. You can just soak a piece of cloth or a cotton ball in vinegar and use it to clean the tag warts that you have. You can also tape the cotton ball in place for better results. Cleansing your tag warts with vinegar should be done a few times a day for some weeks until the tag warts becomes less visible.


Garlic is known to have anti-bacterial properties, and these contents of garlic will help kill the papillomavirus. Simply crush some garlic and secure it against the wart with bandage. You can place the crushed garlic every after you take a bath and replace the garlic at least every day.

Banana peel

The inner portion of the banana peel can also help remove the tag warts on your skin. Simply cut a small piece of the banana peel and tape it around the wart. The natural oil of the banana peel will help fight of the virus that is causing the tag warts.

If you do not have banana, lemon or lime peel can also work as well.


Papaya has enzymes that are also effective in killing wart viruses. Just get an unripe papaya and squeeze out its extract. Mix the extract with a few portions of clean water. Place the mixture in a clean jar. Use this mixture to clean your tag warts every day. This will help exfoliate your skin, making the tag warts fall off.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has contents that promote skin health. It works as a remedy for many skin irritations. For your tag warts, you can just get Aloe Vera extract and rub this on your wart. You can use this treatment every day until the wart goes away.


Dandelion triggers skin irritation. So how can this help in removing your tag warts? When you apply dandelion sap on your wart, your skin will get mild irritation. When this happens, your immune system will start to work, and as it defends your skin from the dandelion sap, it will also cause the wart to disappear within a few days or weeks of doing this method.

Consult a dermatologist

If the tag warts on your skin are spreading madly, it is best for you to consult a dermatologist. Tag warts are highly contagious so to avoid wart breakout in your home, ask the doctor’s advice.

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