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How To Get Rid Of Tattoo Bumps

If you recently got a tattoo, it is normal to have bumps forming around your tattooed skin. Tattoo is a kind of body modification along with body piercings. It uses needles and ink that is continuously pricked to your skin. Basically, when you get a tattoo your skin is somewhat wounded, and when you encounter wounds, bumps and other similar skin irritation can appear.

Getting rid of bumps on tattooed skin is usually easy, but there are times when it can be difficult to treat, especially when the bumps already got irritated. Tattoo bumps might be painful but it should not be as painful as getting open wounds. So if you are having severely inflamed tattoo bumps, then your skin might already be irritated by bacteria and germs. That is why when tattoo bumps form, you should take care of it right away. Here are some tips for you that may be useful when getting rid of tattoo bumps.

Go to your tattoo artist

Before you start freaking out because of the bumps on your tattooed skin, the first thing you can do is to go to your tattoo artist. Ask him what may be causing the tattoo bumps and how you can treat it. If he is a professional and credible tattoo artist, he will be able to give to you the full details about possible causes and treatments for tattoo bumps.

Check up with a dermatologist

If your tattoo artist’s advice did not work out too well, the next person that you can run to is a dermatologist. Just call your dermatologist and schedule a checkup. Have the skin doctor look at the condition of your tattoo bumps. If the tattoo artist were not able to give you reasonable explanation about your tattoo bumps, accredited dermatologist will be able to give you a good evaluation about your current condition.

Clean up the area

Improper tattoo care might be the one causing the tattoo bumps. Be sure to clean your tattoo area regularly. Avoid using scented products with strong chemicals. Be keen in choosing the soap that you use. For tattooed skin, only use mild, unscented soap. If there is a special ointment that your tattoo artist prescribed, use it on the area as well.

Apply mild lotion

Other common causes of tattoo bumps are clogged pores and ingrown hair follicles. This might happen when the needle pushed down the hair in your skin so instead of growing as it normally would, the hair follicle grows inwards. This condition is similar to razor bumps when you shave your hair. Your pores can also be clogged because of the bacteria that enter your skin.

Clogged pores and ingrown hair follicles can develop into pimples. If the tattoo bump is just caused by a usual zit, then you should not be too bothered and just apply mild lotion in the area after cleaning it.

Use antibiotic ointment or cream

Tattooed skin is prone to skin irritation and allergies. The bumps may also be a natural part of the new tattoo’s healing process. For tattoo bumps caused by irritation and allergic reaction, you can get an antibiotic ointment or cream prescription from a dermatologist and buy the product at your local drugstore. Simply follow the directions indicated in the medicine’s label. This should help relieve the inflammation on your tattooed skin.

  1. sherri shreve Said,

    I find that switching to tattoo goo a few days after getting a tat helps with the white bumps. Tattoo goo has no petroleum and will not clog pores. Avoid picking at the bumps it will only aggravate the skin and damage the ink

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