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How To Get Rid Of Tattoos

Are you one of those people who have followed the tattoo fad? Body tattoo is one of the leading kinds of body modifications today. While it is first used during the early civilization by some tribes as a part of their culture, the modern world has now turned the cultural tattoo art into a way of self expression. Body tattoos are popular among the people who have a big heart for rock and roll. Teenagers and young adults are particularly the ones getting their skin inked. Although tattoos might look great for a while, over time, when the tattooed person grows older, he might feel regret about his tattoo.

If you are one of those people who regret getting you’re their skin inked during their younger and darker days, do not fret as there are some things you can do to get rid of tattoos. Real, epidermis-deep permanent tattoos can be very challenging to remove but it is very possible to remove them out of your skin. On the other hand, temporary tattoos are quite easy to get rid of. Whatever kind of tattoo you have, here are some methods you can do to get rid of tattoos.

Exfoliation for temporary tattoos

If you are dealing with temporary tattoos only, then you can just thoroughly exfoliate your skin. Use a scrub and mild soap to remove the temporary ink used in making your temporary tattoo. Do not force the tattoo to come off in just one washing. Usually, you would have to exfoliate your tattooed skin a couple of times before you can completely get rid of it.

After one round of exfoliation, you should remember to apply mild, unscented moisturizer to bring back the moisture in your skin that might have been removed by thorough exfoliation.

Ask your tattoo artist for advice

Professional tattoo artists would usually have contacts with doctors that may be able to administer tattoo removal. So if you want your tattoo removed, approach the person who gave it to you. Ask him for advice regarding the best removal method for tattoos.

Apply “fade away” creams

Fade away creams are commercial products that claim to break away the ink particles in your skin. Using “fade away” creates almost no damage to your skin unlike other harsh tattoo removal. However, you must consistently apply “fade away” creams in order for them to work. Moreover, it will take a lot of time before your tattoo can completely fade away when you use this kind of products. Plus, the use of “fade away” creams to remove tattoos is not the most popular method.

Peel it

Another way to get rid of tattoos is by peeling it away. There are skin peeling treatments that professional dermatologist administers. Using skin peeling, the layer of your skin that has been inked will slowly be removed and replaced with new skin cells. Aside from going to the dermatologist for skin peeling sessions, you can get chemical skin peeling kits that you can administer by yourself.

Undergo surgical excision

Surgical excision is a process wherein the skin is cut and patched with skin from another area of the body. This is just advisable for small tattoos because skin graft is required. Surgical excision can only be done by accredited surgeons. If you have the funds for surgical excision, then you can choose to undergo this process as it can be quite effective in removing tattoos.

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