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How To Get Rid Of Teary Eyes

Do your eyes always get teary and watery for no reason? Do you often find yourself unconsciously accumulating tears on the corner of your eyes? While teary and moist eyes can bring that sparkle, it is not always wanted and sometimes, it even characterizes other diseases. When you suspect that your eyes are having excessive tears, even if you are not really crying nor did you let out a yawn, then there is probably something wrong with your eyes. While teary eyes can be associated with allergic reaction, sometimes, these teary eyes can mean more than just that. Moreover, teary eyes alone can be quite annoying so you may want to treat it as soon as possible.

Getting rid of teary eyes is not as easy as it seems. This is because the eyes are sensitive organs of the body and you can never be too sure about those home remedies that are not always guaranteed to work. Nevertheless, you can still do some home treatments that do not require you to do something directly to your eyes. Here are some tips that you can follow to get rid of teary eyes.

Go to the eye doctor

If you used to not have teary eyes but have suddenly been experiencing “unconsciously shedding some tears” lately, then maybe your health condition has been altered and you need to seek medical attention right away, especially if the tearing is excessive. Just arrange a check up with your doctor and have your eyes examined by the professional. Most of the times, if the teary eyes are not caused by just an allergic reaction; it is due to clogged tear ducts. IF this is the case, leave the treatment to the doctor.

If you are wearing contact lenses or prescription glasses, you might also encounter teary eyes. This may be because your contact lenses have already been damaged or your eye grade has been adjusted. If this is the reason behind the teary eyes, only a doctor can confirm it.

Use eye drops

If your eyes are getting teary because of little particles that have entered it, you can easily solve this problem with eye drops. Eye drops are available in almost every pharmacy out there. They do not require prescription from a doctor and they are very affordable. Eye drops are used for cleaning the eyes. Simply use about 1-2 drops of solution over your eyes and it will work almost instantly.

Take antihistamine

For allergy-triggered teary eyes, you can get antihistamine drugs from the pharmacy as well. This will reduce the allergic reaction symptoms that you may be feeling, including watery eyes. However, note that antihistamine has the ability to absorb moisture so do not use it excessively because your eyes might become too dry.

Wear glasses

Teary eyes can sometimes be a sign of developing eye problems. If you face the computer too often, your eyes might become over dried or too watery. So if you spend a lot of time dealing with gadgets that emit radiation, it is best to get eyeglass prescription from the doctor, even just those reading glasses for non-graded eyes.

Whenever the hay fever season is up as well and you are going to a place where there are lots of pollens and dirt, it will be a great idea to wear glasses to protect your eyes.

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