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How To Get Rid Of Teeth Stains

Oral hygiene has been around for so long and for a good reason: to keep your teeth and mouth healthy and away from any infection. That being said, it is important to perform oral hygiene as often as possible – floss often, brush often, gargle often. This will keep your teeth and mouth smelling minty fresh and prevent chronic infections, such as bad breath and staining, from occurring. Not only will that, but a smile from a clean mouth bring a clean impression to anyone. Moreover, paying a visit to the dentist would help as well. Take three hours from your busy schedule at least twice a year to pay a visit to your local dentist. This is also a must to avoid any embarrassing moments from occurring, such as smiling with uneven colored teeth in front of many people.

Yellow stain is one of the more common dental hygiene problems. It occurs when a person refuses or totally neglects brushing and taking good care of their teeth. It can be acquired by being lazy and not brushing regularly, gargling with mouthwash and flossing. Imagine smiling while having yellow stains in your teeth. Not only is it embarrassing but it will also bring about bad breath and have people keep their distance away from you. White teeth are the way to go and you can accomplish that by getting rid of your yellow stains. Fortunately, this article will help you do that and keep your teeth fresh and white for everyone to see. Here are steps on how to get rid of teeth stains.

Visit the dentist

As a first, the dentist is your teeth’s best friend. Going to a dentist should be the first step that you should take when it comes to teeth and oral problems like stains. They will help you by cleaning your whole mouth and kick those stains out. Visit them at least once every month if you are experiencing yellow stains.

Bleach with white strips

For a more hands-on kind of approach, the pharmacy offers white strips that will help bleach your teeth back to the white they actually are. There are other medical means, but this one is the most practical even though it’s not as health promoting as the others. A more dangerous, but effective approach is the use of peroxide and other strong chemicals.

Eat proper food and drinks

There are food and drinks that will either cure your stained teeth or make them worse. For drinks, lower those sodas as they can produce yellow staining more than anything else. If you like fruits like apples and strawberries, you’re in luck as they can help whiten those yellow stained teeth.

Observe your oral hygiene

Proper hygiene as mentioned earlier is a big help. The use of brushing and baking soda alternatively can quickly turn your teeth from smelly yellow into fresh white. Brush regularly and after every meal. Also, use baking soda as a kicker to help whiten your teeth when you have time.

Kick out those vices

Bad habits like smoking can make your teeth be filled with yellow stains. If you do not want your teeth to become anymore stained, and if you do not want your health to be easily deteriorated, you should stop the use of smoking and other unhealthy vices.

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