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How To Get Rid Of Temporary Internet Files

Every click, every page you visit on the internet has a corresponding temporary file saved on your computer. Most people are not aware of this until he sees his hard disk is almost full in capacity. Temporary internet files are actually almost like nothing to an average user. But once you realize their real role, your view about these temporary files may be changed. While some find them helpful when they need to browse the previous pages that they have visited, or when they need to look for the password that they have forgotten, however, there are times when these temporary files start to get annoying. That is when your hard disk becomes loaded and your browser starts to work slower. When this time comes, you may consider removing these temporary internet files.

Deleting temporary internet files from a computer is actually quite easy. You do not need to have knowledge like that of a computer technician to accomplish this task. You only need to click and click some more and you will be able to get rid of temporary files on the internet. Here are some simple things you can do to get rid of these unwanted files and restore your web’s speed.

Go to options

The cache of files on your browser stores the most details and internet files so if you want those files gone, then you should clear your cache. You can just open your internet browser and click on the “Tools” on the menu bar. Look for the “Internet Options” or “Options”. When you do this, a new window will pop up. That window will include tabs like “Security”, “Privacy” and the like. Look at these tabs and go to the “General” tab.

Delete files

After you have found the “General” tab, you can now delete the files. Simply look for the “Temporary Internet files section. There you will see buttons like “Delete Cookies” and “Delete Files”. If you want to remove the internet files, simply click on the “Delete Files” button. When you click it, a warning window will appear. To delete both online and offline contents, check the box with “Delete all offline content”. If you want to get rid of cookies as well, click on “Delete Cookies” button.

Clear history

Links stored on your computer also takes up space of your computer, so it would be nice if you clear your web browsing history. To do this, go to the “History” section on the menu bar. Then, find the “Show All History”. Once you have clicked on it, a new window will pop up.  Just press Ctrl+A on your keyboard then hit delete. 

You can also remove the bookmarks you have stored by clicking the “All Bookmarks” on the left side of the new window. Click on the section where you store your bookmarks, press Ctrl+A again and then hit the delete key on your keyboard.

Control your temporary internet files

Once you have deleted the temporary files, you can now control them so that you will not deal with much temporary internet files anymore. Still, under the “Temporary Internet files” on the General tab, click the “Settings” button. You will see there the section for “Temporary Internet files folder”. You can adjust the amount of disk space to use according to your preference. Then, just click OK.

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