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How To Get Rid Of Tendonitis

Does it feel like your muscles are in fire? Can’t you move freely because you are having difficulties moving around without experiencing pain? Well, it is highly probable that you are suffering from tendonitis. Tendonitis is a simple, temporary physical disorder that happens when the tendons in the body becomes inflamed. Some of the most common reasons for tendonitis is doing strenuous activities or doing excessive exercise that may result in stress and minor tears on the tendons. This will now cause the tendons to swell and become inflamed, hence the very painful feeling in the area affected by tendonitis.

When you experience tendonitis, aside from the pain, your daily tasks are also heavily affected. You will not be able to complete your daily routine, reducing your productivity. So if you find out that you have tendonitis, you should try to attend to it as soon as possible. The good news is that there are simple things that you can do at the comforts of your home so that you can get rid of tendonitis quickly. Here are some tips that you may find useful in getting rid of tendonitis.

Do not strain your body

Tendonitis occurs because of too much strain that the body and receives. So if you want to reduce the pain from tendonitis, refrain from doing strenuous activities. Just relax and forget about heavy tasks first. The swelling of your tendons due to minor swelling and scratches will heal itself with some time even without medical intervention. This is because of the regenerating power of the cells. Note that it is okay not to ask for medical attention if the tendon pain is just minor.

Stretch the affected area

If you constantly stretch the affected area, it will heal more quickly because stretching will exercise the area without putting more strain into the tendons. Moreover, when you do some stretching, it will increase the blood flow in your tendons.

Apply cold compress

Cold compress can give your relief. You might already know that the cold temperature can give the numbing feeling so you can forget about the pain for a while. Moreover, applying cold compress will also reduce swelling on the affected tendon. So when you have tendonitis, get a cold compress and apply it on the inflamed area for about ten minutes. Repeat this process as often as desired.

Get a warm bath

Like cold temperature, the heat can also provide relief to the strained tendons. So if you want an instant escape from pain, just get a warm bath.

Get a massage

When you get a massage, all the stress that has been put into the tendons will be released. You can just get a relaxing massage and the tendonitis will start to heal. You can either ask a partner to give you a massage or go to a spa to have a deep relaxing massage treatment. Of course, it will cost you some bucks but it is well worth because the tendonitis will not just be removed, but you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated all in all.

Ask for a medical assistance

If you are suspecting that your tendonitis is worse than the usual, then you might need medical assistance. You will know that your tendonitis is not very mild when, after some days and home treatments, the pain and swelling does not seem to reduce. For this cases, pick up your phone and schedule a check up with the doctor.

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