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How To Get Rid Of Termites

Do you often see small holes on your concrete slabs? Does your wooden furniture and fixture seem to get damaged by the minute and you do not know what is causing it? If your house structural framings seem to get destroyed, it is highly likely that you have termites in your home. Termites are one of the most common pests that attack household all throughout the world. There are two most common types of these pests which are the drywood and ground termites. The drywood termites build their lair in soil and they most commonly attack wooden fence, doors and other fixtures. On the other hand, the ground termites also eat woods but they create tunnels deep down and away from their colony. But whichever type of termite you are dealing with, you must get rid of them before they can completely ruin your house structure.

Getting rid of termites is a challenging task. As mentioned, it is very hard to locate their main colony so, even though you removed the termites seen by your naked eyes, if you left their main lair untouched, they will still come back. Although it is hard to remove termites, it is very possible to get rid of them. Here are some things you can do to get rid of termites.

Inspect and inspect some more

A thorough inspection is required in order for you to know where the termites are. Unlike other pests around, it is actually quite hard to determine where these termites are living at. Nevertheless, you should try looking for wood structures around your house, particularly on the joints where your walls meet the doors. You should also inspect foundation walls and watch out for mud tubes, or look for small dark brown or black droppings. These are very common signs of termite’s job.

Consult the help of a termite exterminator

It is very hard to remove termites by just yourself, especially if you do not have the proper knowledge when it comes to termites. Although you will need to spend some cash, it is best that you consult a termite exterminator to get the job done. Browse your phonebook or check out the internet and look for offices of termite exterminators near your area. Set up a meeting with them so you can consult and discuss your termite problems.

Repair water leaks

Termites need water, and if there is any water leakage around your house, this will attract the termites to visit your house more often. If you are not dealing with a very severe termite infestation yet, you can start to shoo them away by keeping away the resources they need, including water. Remove all the stagnant water around, repair water leaks and make sure that your faucets are not dripping. This is a first step to make your home less welcoming to termites.

Remove woods around

If you have a pile of woods outside your lot, you should get rid of these right away. Woods are very important to termites. If you just leave them out in the open for these termites to infest, then you will face a big problem. So if you have woods and branches on your lot that are obsolete, just throw them away. If you need to use them, then place them in an area that is elevated from the ground and not leaning in any wall.

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