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How To Get Rid Of Test Anxiety

Do you always feel anxious whenever the examination week is near? Do you constantly have worries about what is going to be the result of your paper? If you have chronic worries towards test and examinations, they you are most probably dealing with test anxiety. Feeling anxious and nervous when taking up a test is quite normal. But if your worries become excessive, then that is where it becomes a problem. Test anxiety will not do you any good. If you worry about the test questions, you will not be able to answer them correctly. So even if you have prepared, you will have a hard time recalling the right answer to the questions, resulting to failure.

If you want to have a great performance during examination days, you should shut off being anxious. Getting rid of test anxiety will hone your confidence and you will have better chances of passing and even getting good grades. So when the examination week comes, start calming yourself and getting rid of test anxiety. Here are some tips on how to get rid of test anxiety.

Study hard

There is no reason to have test anxiety if you have studied hard. If you study hard, and made sure that you understand the topics really well, then you should not worry about failing. Being confident about your intelligence is a must. Just believe in yourself. What is the point of studying hard if you always underestimate yourself right? So study hard, make sure you know, if not all, most of the lessons and from there, answer the questions with confidence.

Breathe and relax

If you let the pressure take the best of you, you will end up dealing with stress. And when you are stressed out, you will have a hard time concentrating on the examination. To break off the test anxiety, you should try breathing and relaxing. Close your eyes and clear your mind. Try to inhale deeply and slowly exhale. This will remove the bad thoughts from your head, allowing you to have more focus on the test.

Treat it like a game

If you feel anxious when you treat your test as a grave examination, then why not take the test like a game? If you look at the test paper and say to yourself, “This is just another brain puzzle”, then you will find the questions more interesting and you will enjoy answering it. Treat your test like a game and you will see that examinations can actually be fun.

Fix your head to the goal

Do not think about failure; instead, think of reaching your goal and being successful in your examination. If you think about your goal, you will have this inner drive, allowing you to be motivated to answer the test questions correctly. On the other hand, if you think about failing, then it will drag your down and you might really fail.

Overcome your worries

If you let your worries overcome you during the test, you might even experience blacking out. You might suddenly forget about all the things you have studied about and it can lead to your failure. So do not panic and overcome your worries. Try to gather from your mind everything that you have learned. If a question seems unfamiliar to you, just look at the question with common sense and from there, make a wild, educated guess.

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