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How to Get Rid of the Fear of Flying

Fear is always characterized by a stimulus which becomes more of a threat to an individual. Today, people have specific terms for each fear or what they call phobia. People who have this condition react to the ‘threat’ differently and sometimes, aggressively. Most often than not, they experience panic attack-like symptoms that makes them more scared.

Fear of flying is also referred to as aerophobia, aviaphobia, aviophobia or pteromechanophobia. The difficulty with this fear is that it is almost impossible to avoid once it is felt by the person involved. A person who has this fear is afraid of riding airplanes or helicopters. Even though this fear presents a tough condition to be resolved, there are still tips on how to overcome this fear. Here are some of them:

Explore and research

There is always the fear of the unknown. The more limited your knowledge about flying, the more your mind will wander thus creating more illusions of fear. What you have to do is to explore—know what to expect. Familiarize yourself with the interiors by checking some pictures online. You can also watch videos from youtube and just discover new things: the sound, movements and everything else. Also research about the safety measures that they offer: know that you can feel safe and comfortable inside. Know about terms like turbulence, emergency exit and the like. The more information you get, the more you will get used to the idea.

When it comes to the fear of flying, you could be having this fear due to an array of reasons which could be because of the following:

Conquer your fear

You will never be able to overcome your fear of flying until you have actually tried to do it. There is always a fist time for everything. This time, the important thing to do is to think about the destination. Make it as exciting as possible for you. Most of all, try to be confident.

While this is going to take some time, just know that mechanics know what they are doing when creating an airplane.  Even if the engines failed for example, the plane just won’t go tumbling down but instead it can glide to safety.  On top of that, when a plane makes a steep turn, it is normal.  Realize that there are thousands of flights are out there daily and chances of a deadly crash are slim to none.

Make yourself busy while in the plane

If your fear of flying is relatable to fear of heights, it is good not to seat beside the window on your first time. Instead, seat comfortable in the aisle lane and try to divert your focus. Listen to music, read a magazine or talk to the person you are with. It would be hard the first time you do it but this is going to be a crucial one. This may make or break your succeeding airplane rides so you have to do your best to be strong and face your fear.

What worked for you?

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