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How To Get Rid Of Thief Ants

Do you often see tiny bits of foods floating around your home? If so, take a closer look around and you might see that there are thief ants carrying these food residue. Thief ants are common pests found on most households. They are particularly widespread in warm areas but even though you live in a cool place, you are not excused from being visited by these little ants. Thief ants are called thief ants because of one thing – they love to steal foods. If you are eating some chips and there’s just a tiny crumble that feel on the floor, you can expect that within minutes, thief ants around your home will feast on it.

Getting rid of thief ants can be a tough task. Firstly, you cannot fully eliminate these insects as they are very widespread. You might be able to get rid of them for a while, but once a new colony enters your household, then that is a whole new story. Nevertheless, you should still do everything you can to remove them from your lot so that when a new infestation begins, you will be able to eradicate it quickly. Here are some simple tips that you can follow if you need to get rid of thief ants.

Identify where their nest is

The key to getting rid of thief ants is to kill their nest and their queen. Once you have taken care of these, the worker thief ants will lose direction and they will die eventually. One thing you can do to know the location of the thief ant nest is to trail behind a thief ant that is in the process of stealing food. You can also manually check around your house and yard. Usually, thief ants build their nest on cracks and crevices, rotten and dirty woods and pots, and on the ground.

Kill them with boiling water

Boiling water works well in killing ants. Once you have found their lair, you can just boil a gallon of water and pour this directly on the ant nest. You can also add some detergent soap on the water so that you can be sure that the ants will not live. This method works best if the nest of the thief ants is located outside of your house.

Apply insecticide

You can also use chemicals to kill ants. The common household insecticide is usually powerful enough to kill thief ants. Simply spray it directly on the ant nest. You can also spray it on thief ants whenever you see them. However, be mindful that insecticides are not very friendly to the environment and to your health so always take note of precautionary measures when using this method. You should also follow the directions on how to use the insecticide properly to avoid any problem.

Feed them with borax

Another method you can do to kill thief ants is to lure them in eating poisoned bait. Simply get a shallow container and fill it with crushed cereals and add borax into it. Place this near the nest of the thief ants. Once the thief ants feast on this bait, they will die within minutes as the borax is very powerful in damaging the body functions of ants. If you were not able to take down the whole colony in one go, you can always repeat the process until all the thief ants are eliminated.

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