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How To Get Rid Of Thin Hair

Had your luscious hair become thinner? Do you always wish that you can bring back that thick and healthy hair of yours? More and more people are starting to suffer from hair thinning. This particularly happens when a person is aging, but there are also cases when young people are being affected by it. Thin hair may be caused by several of factors. It may be because of improper hair care, hair and scalp disorders and aging. But whatever the case may be, thin hair is not very desirable and if you are facing the problem of using your hair by the minute, then you should attend to it right away.

Getting rid of thin hair and bringing back your healthy mane is not too simple. What makes it quite challenging is not administering the treatment itself, but the patience you need to muster in doing remedies for thin hair. Of course, there is no such thing as a one-minute magic treatment when you are dealing with your hair. Nevertheless, there are various methods you can do to get rid of thin hair. Some tips you might find helpful are listed below.

Go to the doctor

When you are having problems with your hair that you have not yet experienced before, it is best to go to the doctor and have a consultation. As mentioned, most hair thinning problems are caused by disorders and in order to treat these disorders, you need to be properly diagnosed first. So call your doctor and schedule for a checkup. From there, you will be able to figure out whether you need to undergo professional treatment or if home remedies are enough.

Treat your hair with oil

You might have already heard about olive oil being an effective remedy for hair loss. Well, this is because oil helps in promoting hair growth and it also acts as moisturizing agent. But aside from rubbing olive oil on your head, you can use other products like aloe vera oil or even egg. Simply whip some egg, add some honey and apply the mixture on your head. This is best done before you take a shower. You can also leave the treatment overnight and wash it the following day. Constant treatment with oil will stimulate hair growth and bring back your thick, healthy mane.

Eat foods rich in protein

Protein is the nutrient for the hair. If you want your hair to grow faster, indulge in foods that are rich in protein like fish, eggs, almonds and nuts and other dairy products. However, take note that you should not forego balanced diet. So even if intake foods rich in protein, you should still watch out because you might be consuming too much of it already which is also bad for the health.

Massage your head

Massaging your head will increase blood flow so that more nutrients are distributed to your head. When this happens, your hair will grow healthier. So every day, take short breaks to massage your head. This will not just help in promoting hair growth, but it will relax your mind.

Observe proper hair care

Proper hair care does not mean you have to apply loads of hair products on your hair. In fact, using too much commercial products may backfire and damage your hair. Some experts advise that you should not wash and shampoo your hair everyday as it strips off the natural oil in your scalp. Also, avoid doing damaging things to your hair such as blow drying, ironing and coloring. As much as possible, just use moisturizing shampoo every two days, comb your hair and let air dry. Avoid all the fussy hair treatments.

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