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How To Get Rid Of Thistles

Are facing a problem about thistles? Have they started to take over your lawn and kill your other plants? Thistles are common type of weed. It is very invasive and once one weed sprouts on your lawn, they will multiply and before you know it, they have covered a big area of the ground. Thistles are one of the most hated weeds out there. They have these flower heads, leaves and stems that have lots of prickles that can cause injury.

Removing thistles requires time and hard work. If they have already grown and taken over a big portion of your garden, then you are sure to have a hard time removing them. Nevertheless, it is very possible for you to get rid of these unwanted thistles. Here are some tips and methods that you can follow to get rid of thistles.

Pull them from the ground

If there are only a few growing thistles on your lot, then you can simply pull them from the ground. It is best to act and remove them before they can spread and become difficult to get rid of. Just wear your thick protective gloves and get a pair of gardening scissors. If the thistles have grown about 5 inches above the ground, cut its stem so it is just about 3 inches from the soil. Then you can just pull the little stem and root system off the ground. Be sure not to tug as hard as it might break the stem and leave the roots on the soil. This may just cause another outbreak so always make sure that when you are pulling up the thistles manually, all the roots are removed from the ground as well.

Keep on mowing your lawn

If there are many thistles around your lot, you can just keep on mowing your lawn. When you cut the weeds often, they will not have the time to grow and eventually they will die. However, this process will take some time. But if you are cutting the thistles just right before winter, they will freeze and come spring time, these thistles will be dead.

Bury them

Another way to effectively get rid of thistles is to bury them to the ground. However, this method might also take a long time before you can start to see results. First, simply mow your lawn so that the thistles are almost the same level to the ground. Then, get a lot of old newspapers, plastics or a big tarp. Place the material over the thistle growth. Cover the whole patch and secure with stone on the sides. The cover will trap the heat from the sun, so that the thistle growth beneath it will be heated up. Because the thistles cannot get the proper resources they need, they will most likely just die. This might take a month or even more in order to work.

Use weed killers

For a less challenging removal method, you can simply resort to using weed killers. Although this is not approved by environmentalists and the chemicals found in weed killers do not just kill weeds, but it sometimes kills other plants too. Nevertheless, you can just get a weed killer from the local gardening shop. Read its labels and follow the directions on how to properly use it. Apply on the thistles with necessary precautionary measures.

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