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How To Get Rid Of Thorn Bushes

Thorn bushes are one of the common invasive lawn plants that are most difficult to remove. This is mainly because, as the name suggests, they have lots of thorns. Thorn bushes are notorious plants that can make a beautiful garden turn into an unpleasant yard. Because of its not-so-good appearance, most people would like to get rid of these thorn bushes right away. Moreover, when thorn bushes grow on your lot, the other beautiful plants on your garden might become malnourished so once you see thorn bushes around your garden, you should get rid of them as soon as possible.

Thorn bushes can be tough to remove, especially if there are a big number of these plants on your lawn. Of course, you cannot just pull them up from the ground and throw them away, unless they are still tiny. Nevertheless, you can still get rid of thorn bushes so do not worry if they are already crossing your lot. All you have to do is to act quickly and read these tips on how to get rid of thorn bushes.

Dig around the bush

Since you cannot just pull those thorn bushes up from the ground, you can use a helpful tool such as a spade or gardening spoon to remove the thorn bushes from the ground. One fine morning, simply put your gear on, including your protective gloves. Grab a spade or gardening spoon and take a trip to your garden. Simply dig around the thorn bush to make it easier to yank from the ground. Do not dig on the roots as you may break them. Once most of the root system is visible, get your scissors and try to remove the thorns in one portion of the thorn bush. You can just wrap your protected hand on the area where you have removed the thorns, then slowly but firmly pull up the thorn bush from the ground.

Take note that this method is practical only if the thorn bushes are still young and if there are only a few thorn bushes around your garden. Otherwise, it might take you months to get rid of the thorn bushes.

Chop them up

If manually pulling the thorn bushes is not your best choice, then you can opt to chop the thorn bushes and treat them with boiling water. Simply chop up the branches of the thorn bush and then cut off its stem. Poke a big hole on the center of the flesh of the remaining trunk on the ground. Boil some water and pour it directly to the hole. This will kill the thorn bush. You can keep on pouring boiling water on the trunk until you see that the plant is not growing anymore.

Use herbicides

If all else fails, then you can opt to use herbicide. Take a trip to the nearest gardening store and look for the notorious herbicides, particularly glyphosate-based ones, for unwanted plants. One of the most popular choices you can find is the Roundup. When the sun is at its peak during noon, use the herbicide on the bushes. Herbicides are best applied when it is hot because the plants tend to photosynthesize when the temperature is up, making it easier for the unwanted plants to absorb the herbicide more quickly.

Ask help

If you cannot get rid of the thorn bushes by yourself, ask help from a local gardener.

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