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How To Get Rid Of Tie Wrinkles

Women have a lot of things to accessorize with. There are those fancy earrings and necklaces, big bangles, colorful scarves, designer handbags and a whole lot more. In reality, women really are known for loving dress-up games and fashion. On the other hand, while some are also trend-inclined, most men try to keep their statement simple. Usually, t-shirt and jeans can take them to many places without any more accessorizing addition. When it comes to formal or business attire, classic coat, long-sleeved polo and slacks will do, but, to create that really sharp and professional look, wearing tie is a must.

While some people might not understand it, tie is actually an integral part of a man’s corporate outfit. This thin, colored piece of fabric is what turns a plain matching uniform into a stylish one. But since a tie pretty much not given attention to, it often gets wrinkled and crumpled when or even when not worn. When it is stored at the house, some people make the mistake of folding and stuffing the tie into the cabinet. Then when it’s time to wear the tie, you’d end up seeing all these unwanted wrinkles that can make it unwearable. Nevertheless, there are quick fixes that you can do to get rid of tie wrinkles. Here are some things you can do.

Flatten out with iron

Of course, the first thing and the most effective method that you can do to get rid of tie wrinkles are to flatten it out with an iron. If you are in the comforts of your home where you have access to iron, simply let the device heat up mildly. Check your tie to know how much heat it can tolerate so you do not end up burning the thing. To ensure it does not get burnt, place a thin piece of cloth over the tie, then press and run the iron to flatten out the tie. Flip to the other side and repeat. Usually, the tie will get straightened up in just a few seconds of running the iron across it.

Place it under some mass

Another way of straightening up tie wrinkles is to place it under some mass. For example, you can just lay out the tie in a flat surface, and then you can place a pile of books above it. The weight of the books will help straighten up the wrinkles on the tie. Other heavy flat items can be used as well. You can also place the tie in between your bed mattress and bed frame. After a few hours, you will see that the wrinkles have gone.

Roll it up

Folding the tie will cause it to get wrinkled but rolling it up can fix it. Simply use your hands to roll up the tie and then just store it in an area where it does not get covered with other items. Although it may take a couple of hours, your tie will be straight up again when you do this method.

Let it get steamed up

When you need to dress up in the morning and you find out that your tie is wrinkled, a quick fix you can do is to pin the tie in a hanger with some clothes pin. When you hit the shower, simply hang the tie inside the bathroom, but away from the water. The steamy heat that will build up when you take a bath can help straighten up the wrinkles.

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