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How To Get Rid of Tired Eyes

People say that eyes are the window to the soul. Maybe, this is also the reason why it is oftentimes the most attractive asset in a person’s face. The eyes do not say anything, but they can express a lot of things about one person. Of course, the brighter and more lively your eyes look the more positive vibes it can generate. On the other hand, if the eyes look baggy and tired, it just means that the person is stressed out about his life. And for this negative impression that tired eyes bring, it should be gotten rid of.

Tired eyes can make anyone look a lot older. Usually, tired eyes are characterized by dark circles or eye bags under the eyes. This flaw generally appears when a person does not have proper sleep time. Also, too much stress from work can make the eyes really look ugly. Because of the many negative things that tired eyes can bring, you should take the time to treat your eyes and get rid of these unwanted dark and baggy circles. Here are some things you can do in order to get rid of tired eyes.

Stay away from gadgets

When you are trying to get rid of tired eyes, you should avoid watching television, using the computer, playing PSP or any similar gadget for some time. These gadgets only put strain to your eyes and may also harm your health because of radiation. So if you want to get rid of tired eyes, make some sacrifices by not using any non-friendly eye gadgets.

Get a good night sleep

The main reason for tired eyes is not getting enough sleep.  The eyes probably are the most overworked part of the body. You make use of it more than your hands and feet so it is just right that you give your eyes to regenerate. Get a good night sleep every night. Avoid staying up late. Also, you should remember that sleeping during night is not the same with sleeping during the day. So pulling off an all nighter and then sleeping during daytime will not really give the rest your eyes need.

Tea bags

One of the most common methods in removing tired eyes is putting tea bags over the eyes. Simply soak two tea bags in water and then let them cool inside the refrigerator. After the tea bag has cooled for about 30 minutes, get the tea bags, lie down and put them over your eyes. The cooling effect, as well as the nutrients from the tea, will help soothe your eyes and make it less baggy after regular treatment.


Aside from tea, cucumber will also work. Just slice some cucumber, place them in a bowl with some water and place it in the refrigerator. Every morning, just get two slices and place them over your eyes. Leave for a few minutes until the cool temperature goes away.

Ice cubes

If you do not have any tea bags or cucumber, simple ice cubes can do the trick. This is also good in removing puffy eyes in the morning. Just rub some ice over your eyes to refresh it.

Go to the doctor

If you think that the tired eyes are caused by some health problems, then you should address your condition to the doctor. You will have to treat your body for the sickness that you feel instead of just putting attention to your tired-looking eyes.

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