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How to Get Rid of Toads

There are times when too much of something is bad. If there is an over abundance of toads in your garden, they may take up a lot of space and could ruin what maybe a perfect ecosystem. Don’t mistaken toads as pests since they offer a lot of benefits in your garden. They can protect your plants by eating insects that damages it.

Toads are also uncontrollable and they can roam around your garden and chances are you might trip on them on your way out. At night, when it’s time to go to sleep, you may hear their croaking which could last for the rest of the night, preventing you from getting a good night sleep. These are the downside of having toads in your garden, but as mentioned earlier, they also present benefits.

When dealing with toads, make sure that you don’t erase the whole population and you should not attempt to kill them. There are more humane ways to get rid of toads and that is what this guide will present to you. Here are some of the things that you need to consider doing when dealing with toads:

Remove the food source

One of the main reasons why toads choose to settle on your yard is because of the abundance of food in. It’s no secret that toads feed on insects and bugs and the more insects and bugs present in your yard, the more toads will be attracted to settle in it. If your garden is messy and there are decomposing matter as well, you can rest assure that bugs would be present.

Getting rid of the food source is one of the most effective ways to get rid of insects and bugs from your property. As mentioned previously, one of the main reasons different animals settle in an area is because of food and without the presence of insects, toads will be discouraged and would move to a different area.

Trap them and take them to another location

Toads offer benefits that can keep insects from multiplying in your yard or garden. So you don’t have to kill them to get rid of them. If you see signs of toads in your garden, you can capture them by using nets or traps. Once you are able to capture them, you should take them far from your location and let them go. Just make sure you don’t release them to another person’s yard and pass the problem to them.

Repel them with different solutions

This method does not encourage toad killing but rather, it would repel possible inhabitants moving in your property. You can make a chemical solution that is made of regular strength bleach and water. You can directly spray it on frogs or place the solution in pots and put it around your property. The smell of bleach would turn off toads and would gradually discourage them from entering your property. You can also use salt and vinegar solution which is also sprayed to the frogs which can cause a slight burning sensation to their skin.

Remove their habitat

Frogs prefer to live on wood piles, pots, shrubs and in damp and dark places. You should attempt to get rid of these items to make sure that toads are not encouraged to live on your yard. If you have empty pots, make sure that you tidy them and trim overgrown shrubs.

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