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How to Get Rid of Toe Blisters

Our skin provides extensive protection all throughout the body since it is responsible in covering it. Probably because of natural evolution, there are spots on our skin that are more prone to acquiring different kinds of condition. The skin covering our face is considered to be one of the most sensitive, the skin on our feet, however can be considered to be very tough.

The feet are exposed and there are cases wherein only repeated abuse to a particular spot can cause it to become irritated. One of the most annoying conditions the feet can get are blisters and since toes rubs against the surface of what we wear on it, it gets blisters. Toe blisters are itchy and painful. They look like a bubble under the skin and is filled with serum.

Toe blisters can be an annoyance and a distraction as well since you won’t be able to wear closed toe footwear. If you get toe blisters, you should treat it immediately as it can cause discomfort when you are walking; wearing a shoe would even become a chore if you have it so you need to make sure that you give it ample of attention:

Do not wear shoes

Continuous friction causes blisters and if you already have it, abusing the condition can make it worse. If you have blister already, make sure that you don’t wear shoes or closed toe footwear. The most common cause of having toe blisters is the heat produced by the friction in the shoe. Make sure that the affected area is cooled and that the blister does not come into any contact with another surface. Wear sandals and do not wear socks making sure that the wound has been cleaned already before exposing it.

Get rid of the serum

Blisters are usually filled with a clear white liquid called serum which is produced by damaged blood cells. To lessen the chances of infection, you should extract the serum without bursting the skin that is covering the blister itself. You can perform this by using a sterilized syringe to drain the fluids. Dip the needle in alcohol and puncture the bubble and allow the fluid to get out of the holes made by the needle.

Apply antibacterial ointment

To avoid infection, you need to apply anti-bacterial ointment to the blister after you have drained the fluids. Sterilizing the area is important as it guarantees that the amount of bacteria that causes the infection would be lessen or eliminated since it is exposed. You should also clean the surrounding area with clean gauze to remove excess ointment as well. Cover the wound with a bandage so that it wouldn’t be too exposed as the bandage will also allow the wound to breathe.

Apply natural treatment

There are several treatments that you can administer to toe blisters without resorting to expensive ointments. First, you can apply ice in the affected area to allow the wound to heal faster, preventing blisters to form in other toes. Dab the area with soap and water, making sure that the skin covering the blister is not busted open. To cool off the blister, you should apply aloe to it as it can moisturize the skin and it also has healing properties. Finally, improving your immune system can assist with the healing process. You can do this by drinking tea such as Echinacea to all day.

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