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How to Get Rid of Toe Cramps

Getting cramps is one of the most painful experiences a person can get. Cramps are involuntary and painful contractions of the muscles. This is the reason why when you touch muscles that are cramped they feel hard. Cramps are caused by several reasons such as dehydration, hot weather and lack of blood circulation, such conditions is the reason why cramps often occur in your toes.

Our feet are always moving and it supports a massive amount of weight. We always wrap it with fancy footwear that is sometimes uncomfortable and tends to choke the toes. This can result in toe cramps. Toe cramps are harmless despite the fact that the pain it produces can cause massive panic due to its nature.

Since toe cramps can cause you agonizing pain even in short periods of time, you should do everything that you can to treat it. Fortunately, treating toe cramps does not involve complicated techniques as there are a lot of simple solutions that you can try at home. Here are some the things that you can perform to get rid of toe cramps:

Drink plenty of water

One of the main reasons why people get cramps is due to dehydration. Muscles need to be replenished with liquids and by drinking fluids daily, it is guaranteed that you lessen the chance of getting toe cramps. It is highly suggested that drink at least 8 glasses of water daily and this will be enough to keep your body hydrated for the rest of the day unless you are physically active. If you notice, athletes get cramps a lot of times and the main reason is the lack of fluids in the body due to perspiration.

Wear comfortable shoes

You wouldn’t be caught bare foot when you walk outside your house so while you’re at it, make sure that you wear protective and comfortable shoes. Adequate space is necessary between the shoe and the toes but do not sacrifice looks and make sure that there is enough breathing room for your toes. Women should also take it easy with shoes with high heels as they can exert additional pressure on the toes which can cause it to have cramps. When you are running or performing physical activities, it would be great to wear proper running shoes that have comfortable soles to make the feet comfortable.

Massage the affected area

Soothing the muscles is one way to get rid of tie cramps, lay your leg flat on the ground and point your toes towards your body. Apply pressure on the sole of the feet and gently massage the affected area. You can try placing an ice pack on the toes as well as the surrounding area as it helps in soothing the toes as well.

Warm up before exercising

Get your blood flowing around your feet to make before a big exercise routine. You can do this by warming up. If you are preparing to run, try walking around first and perform stretching exercises.

Also, watch your exercise routines since overdoing it can cause your muscles to be strained and cramp in the process. When you feel that your muscles are fatigued rest for a while before continuing the exercise. Breaks in between sets of exercises helps to rest muscles and would prevent it from straining allowing you to perform the exercise a bit longer.

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