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How to Get Rid of Toilet Smell

It’s such an irony that the one place where we clean ourselves up and where we stock most of the items that prevent us from getting odor is the place that is most likely to produce a bad smell. The toilet is the unfortunate recipient of all things human waste. Because of this reason, germs and bacteria quickly gather and multiply in this area causing the smell.

Toilet smell is caused by several factors but since all of the wastes are flushed down the toilet, the remnants are germs and bacteria that cause the smell. There is one waste however that causes a lot of ruckus since its smell can linger long after it has been disposed and this is urine. You can even see the source of the smell as the faint yellow stain lingers on the surface of the toilet.

Toilet smell can give you and your family a headache but getting rid of it is very simple. It doesn’t take a professional cleaner to remove toilet smell since a little patience and perseverance and some cleaners. The list below provides some options that you can follow to help you remove that nasty toilet smell:

Clean your toilet regularly

It’s no secret that when guys urinate, it has the tendency to become out of control. Urine is scattered all over, from the toilet bowl to the floor and this causes stink if it dries up. This is just one scenario why your toilet can smell; imagine the other scenarios; just think about how many times each family member visits the toilet. This is the reason why the toilet should be cleaned constantly. You don’t have to do a thorough cleaning daily; after urinating, you can wash it off with water and wash the floor down with water as well.

Schedule a thorough cleaning involving soap and water. It is suggested that you clean the toilet once every week. Brush it down and go all the way around it since this is where bacteria and germs can live on.

Wash linens and rugs

If you have bathroom rugs lying on the floor, chances are they are collateral damage. Make sure that you wash it regularly and replace them constantly. Even without the unfortunate over spilling of different waste getting on it, you still need to replace the rugs for washing every now and then.

Buy air fresheners

Probably one of the most popular home products is toilet air fresheners. These items are available in different scents and citrus are some of the more popular. Air fresheners can be sprayed every after use of the toilet while there are air fresheners that you can hang which would emit the scent all day long. There are air fresheners that contains anti bacterial properties that can perform dual purposes since they can provide scent while killing bacteria at the same time.

Disinfect the toilet

Cleaning the toilet is one thing; it removes any visible stains that the naked eye sees. There are germs and bacteria that lingers which can be removed by disinfecting the toilet. Bacteria and other micro organisms are mainly responsible for the offensive odors inside the toilet and you can kill them by using different products. After cleaning the toilet, pour bleach all around it and let it set. You can also use a disinfectant solution which is a mixture of soap, detergent and alcohol. Leave it on the toilet overnight before washing it off with water.

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