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How to Get Rid of Tongue Bumps

The tongue is a sensitive part of the body and this can be a hassle since any injury that occurs on this body part can prevent a person from enjoying a great meal as it can be very painful once anything touches the surface of the tongue. There are several occurrences a tongue can get injured, biting is one of the most common but there are instances when it happens beyond self infliction.

Tongue bumps would sometimes grow on the tongue and there are several reasons why this happens. There are times that the taste buds can get inflamed which cause the bumps to appear. Other occurrences when tongue bumps appear is when a person has diabetes or trauma to the tongue. Whatever the reason is for the appearance of the tongue bumps, it should be treated immediately.

Since there are a lot of reasons why tongue bumps can appear on the tongue, there are different ways to treat it. Treating it the soonest possible time is mandatory since there could be underlying causes that is making the tongue bumps appear that can pose more danger the longer they exist. Here are some of the things that you can do to get rid of tongue bumps:

Have it checked by a doctor

Knowing what is causing the tongue bump can help you identify what is the best treatment for it. And what better way to know what causes it than by paying a visit to the doctor. There have been stories where a tongue bump, thought to have been just the usual occurrence, was cancerous. Doctors often suggest that if you have lumps or bumps on your tongue, you need to have it checked immediately to their nature. Some can prove to be harmless but there will be times that it poses threat to even your life.

Make sure that the doctor sees you to be able to diagnose what the tongue bump really is. Remember that detecting the cause early can prevent it from worsening to the point of being untreatable. Do not attempt to self medicate immediately since this can prolong the condition.

Clean and disinfect the mouth

The mouth can harbor millions of bacteria at any given time and if we don’t perform proper oral hygiene, tongue bumps can multiply and worsen the condition. Brushing the teeth is just one way to kill if bacteria but you need to put in added effort to combat it. Rinse your mouth with warm water salt at least three times a day. Salt has hygroscopic properties that absorb water; the pus in the bump will be dried out because of this while the warmth of the water can help in soothing the irritation. Applying milk of magnesia can also help neutralize the acid in the mouth and will help prevent the damage in the mouth.

Adjust your diet

Strong flavored food can irritate the tongue, further aggravating its condition. If you happen to have tongue bumps, it would help that you eat food that doesn’t contain high salt or acidic properties as they can trigger the irritation of the tongue bumps. Food that is hard on the mouth should be avoided as well; soft food should be eaten as a substitute.

Apply medication

There are several creams and medication available in the market that can help soothe the tongue bumps. You can also use gels that are used for teething babies as an alternative for tongue bump medication.

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