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How to Get Rid of Tongue Burn

Eating hot food meant to be hot is a great way to enjoy a cold day. Although most people would rather let the temperature drop a little bit before sipping on that soup. Also, people are enamored by spicy food as it can boost one’s appetite although these foods should be eaten in moderation.  It’s pretty much guaranteed that almost everyone has experienced tongue burn when they eat hot or spicy food.

Tongue burn can be categorized in two, both happens when someone eats hot food or spicy food. The burning sensation felt during these occurrences vary greatly as tongue burn caused by hot food is very painful compared to tongue burn caused by spicy food which usually lasts longer but in a milder way.

Tongue burn, most of the time is not dangerous except if it causes the burned part to have an open wound. Tongue burn should be treated since the burning sensation can linger on the mouth and will prevent a person from enjoying a good hearty meal. To dissipate the heat, here are some of the things that you can do to make sure that you release the burden of having tongue burns.

Apply cooling solution

If you suddenly felt the sting of burning sensation in your tongue, you don’t want that feeling to be maintained for a long time. This is why when you experience tongue burn; you should immediately apply cooling solution to it. The very first thing that you can grab is glass of cold water. You can also try applying crushed ice and let it settle in the mouth for about a minute. You can even make the treatment a delightful experience by consuming a Popsicle. Now who wouldn’t want ice cream as a form of treatment? Cooling solutions only last for long and this serves as a temporary solution since the cooling effect will not be effective in the long run.

Milk and yoghurt solution

You may have seen people gulping cartons of milk after consuming spicy foods. Milk is an excellent compress for minor burns. Milk has fat contents that help soothe the burn and aside from this, it also helps in promoting healing which can prevent any complications of having prolonged tongue burn. Since yoghurt has milk contents, this can also soothe the burning sensation and will help with the healing process as well.

Avoid hard and sharp textured foods

The tongue can be very sensitive and with the presence of tongue burn, the pain can reach to excruciating levels. In order to prevent aggravating the situation, you will need to make sure that you avoid food that has rough texture such as potato chips and candies. Also, avoid food that is high in salt and acid contents as it can aggravate the lesion leading to an open wound. Avoid eating hot and spicy food as it can increase the pain of the tongue burn.

Keep the mouth clean

Bacteria can inhabit the mouth and it can stay there unless something is done about it. Make sure that you brush your teeth at least three times a day and use mouthwash that doesn’t have alcohol content since alcohol can simulate the burning sensation which will increase the pain as well. Keeping the mouth clean can help prevent infecting the lesions caused by the tongue burn.

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