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How to Get Rid of Tree Frogs

Your yard can harbor different creatures, these creatures run in the wild searching for food and shelter. But the creatures that potentially can live in your yard can vary depending on what they find in it. If you have a dirty and messy yard, you can expect to have a colony of different insects that will invade your property. And if there are insects, you can just imagine bigger creatures that would feed on them, animals such as frogs.

There are different types of frogs and one of them are tree frogs. Tree frogs are unlike regular frogs that you find on the ground. As the name implies, tree frogs spends most of their time on trees. They are considered to be beneficial animals since they can feed on insects that are considered as pests but there are times that overpopulation of tree frogs can result them in turning to as pests themselves. You can either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain, referencing a quote from a famous movie.

As mentioned, tree frogs that surround your house should not be treated as pests until they multiply tenfold and they just scatter all around your place. When getting rid of tree frogs, you don’t have to drive them all away not unless you want your property to have a frog free environment. You can follow the procedures below to help you get rid of tree frogs from your place:

Set up live traps around your property

Frogs can be captured fairly easily. The only problem is that they can be hard to get a hold of since their bodies can be slimy. In case of tree frogs, they can be perched high up the tree so you need to prevent them from getting into the tree. You can install traps around the yard to make sure that the tree frogs never get any closer to your trees. Put bait inside the traps so the frogs will be attracted to it and they will unknowingly enter a contraption that will capture them.

Build a fence that surrounds the trees

If there are frog trees already inside your yard, you will now need to prevent them from getting onto the tree. What you need to do is to build a fence around the trees, not only they look fabulous but they also have a purpose which is to prevent different animals from invading the trees that you have. You can build a white picket fence around it and if you want , you can go crazy and build a fencing around your yard.

Use deterrents that would scare them

If prevention is no longer an option and you would have to shoo the tree frogs away, you can use deterrents out of normal household cleaning items. You can mix bleach and water  and put it in a spray bottle. Spray the solution directly to the tree frogs as the bleach will irritate their skin which would make them scatter all around the place.

Remove possible habitats

Most of the time, tree frogs would usually stay on trees but you need to remember that before they get to the trees, they need to go there through the ground first. They may live under stones and rocks which should be removed to prevent them from staying there. You should also remove pieces of logs which is considered to be suitable habitats for tree frogs and other type of frogs.

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