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How to Get Rid of Tremors

If you grew up in the 90’s, whenever you heard the word tremors, you immediately think about big, slug like creatures that dig underground in the desert. Well, things definitely change when you age. See, as we get older, our body undergoes several changes that can affect our daily lives. Gone are the days that we take advantage of a lot of simple things that we do. Going back to tremors, expect that when you age you will get involuntary shaking of the limbs as well as other body parts.

This description is exactly the symptoms of having tremors. Tremors are harmless and studies show that this condition is not linked to any type of disease. Although it is harmless, it can be an embarrassing condition to have. Aside from this, it is both socially and physically restricting. A simple task such as putting food in the mouth can become a chore. The condition can limit your movements and daily function will become almost nonexistent.

Tremors can make an impact to your life, the sad part is that it will impact it negatively. Surely, you can just ignore this condition but it may worsen the situation. There are things that you can do to temporarily stop the shaking but a permanent solution should be done. To get rid of tremors, follow the procedures discussed below:

Have it checked by a physician

If you notice that you have involuntary movement in your hands or other parts of the body. It is wise to visit a physician immediately. With the doctor’s help, you will be able to identify the cause of the condition as it can be a different ailment. By visiting the doctor, you will be given prescription medicines without worrying about side effects.

Never self medicate and make sure that you follow the doctor’s advice. Some of the medicines that doctors can prescribe are the same ones used to treat high blood pressure. These are commonly known as beta blockers and it should not be taken by people with diabetes and asthma. Expect to feel drowsy as well as having impaired vision when you take this medicine.

Change your lifestyle

You may be saying now that you don’t have to worry about tremors since you don’t see any symptoms. This doesn’t change the fact that you can still get affected by it. It is only right that you should do whatever you can to prevent this from occurring and one of the things that you can do is to change bad habits.

There have been studies that show stress and dietary factors affecting tremors. This is why if you have vices, you need to stop them immediately. Also, you may want to consider changing your diet as a bad one can also affect and trigger the condition. Stick with a healthy diet such as fruits and vegetables. You can also add protein in the mix but don’t go overboard. Stop feeding on food with high fat content.

Minimize caffeine intake

Remember the medicine used to treat tremors which slows down your heart rate? This just means that if you have a fast heartbeat, you can expect tremors to develop. So what you can do is to stop drinking or eating anything that has high caffeine content. Caffeine increases your heart rate which can lead to palpitation. When this happens and if you have symptoms of tremors, expect that this could trigger it.

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