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How to Get Rid of Urine Odor

The bathroom can be considered as one part of the house where a person can gain full privacy. You can consider your bathroom as this or you can consider it as the filthiest area of your house. The bathroom receives human waste and even if we have a toilet bowl, there are times that these wastes go all over the place.

Take urine for example, if you are a guy, no matter how steady you think you are urinating, there are chances when urine can spill on the floor or worst at the back of the toilet. If these areas are not cleaned, you can expect urine odor to come from it. Urine odor smells a lot like ammonia and it is a nauseating smell that would leave you gasping for air.

If you have your bathroom doors and windows closed and you suddenly open it, you will be greeted by urine odor right under your nose. While it may seem funny, this can be a source of bacterial related ailments. Urine odor can be easily eliminated, all you need to remember is that you need to make sure that the bathroom is clean. You can also follow the steps below to assist you in dealing with urine odor:

Wash it away with water, immediately

Urine odor is not as strong when they are wet, the odor actually starts getting concentrated if you leave them on the floor to dry. You may have flushed the toilet but you probably have forgotten about the surrounding area of the bathroom. The best thing that you can do is to wash the surrounding area of the toilet with water, right after urinating. Urine won’t be able to dry up and stick to the flooring which is the main cause of the odor. If you are potty training, make sure that you pass this knowledge on to your kids as they will do this out of habit. Be sure to get the rim of the toilet bowl as well as the back part and wash it until all traces have gone down the drain.

Clean the bathroom thoroughly

So you may have washed the bathroom here and there but right after everything dried up, you still smell urine odor. Dried urine doesn’t get off the surface that easy, you should expect a fight from them. This is the reason why you should brush the flooring as well as the walls to make sure that the dried up urine is removed.

For best results, you should consider using a solution of bleach and soap with water. Apply this mixture to the whole of the bathroom and start scrubbing away. Do not forget the important parts such as the back of the toilet bowl and the bowl itself. Also, wear gloves every time you clean your bathroom since you can get bacteria on your hands.

Maintain cleanliness in your bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom will definitely remove the urine odor, but this doesn’t mean that you would go back to your old ways. Maintain the cleanliness in the bathroom by making sure that it is attended at least twice a week. If you feel that the urine odor stands out, soak the whole area in bleach after scrubbing it. Bleach is great for killing bacteria and this will guarantee that the smell will not worsen.

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