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How To Get Rid Of Velvet Ants

Do you have velvet ants around your house? Do you just want to get rid of these little insects but do not know where to start? First and foremost, what are velvet ants? Velvet ants, although their name says “ants”, are actually a species of wasp that has a similar appearance with ants. They are tiny, wingless insects that are parasitic. These velvet ants invade other bees and wasps nest, and they hatch eggs in these lairs. Afterwards, the velvet ants will kill their host. But aside from their battle with other insects, these velvet ants are also very parasitic to humans.

There are a lot of people who are actually being disturbed by velvet ants. Although these velvet ants do not usually interfere with households, there are times that they accidentally stumble on households. Velvet ants are quite dangerous because they can sting people. And their bite may lead to allergic reaction and infection. Some people may even get shocked by the sting. SO if you notice some velvet ants around your home, you should shoot them away as soon as possible. Here are some things you can do to get rid of velvet ants.

Remove bees and wasps

If there are beehives or wasp nest around your lot, then you should start to eliminate it. Bees and wasps are the favorite foods of these velvet ants. So if there are bees and wasps living in your area, you should get rid of these insects if you want to get rid of the velvet ants. You can use different methods in getting rid of bees and wasps. You can use smoke, insecticides and traps. You can also refer to the beekeepers to know how to get rid of these bees and wasps that those velvet ants feed on.

Use wasp killer

Wasp killer and other insecticides for insects like wasp, work well with velvet ants. Whenever you see a velvet ant around your home, you can directly spray it with a wasp killer. You can get these commercial products at almost any home improvement store. If you often battle with velvet ants and other insects, it is a good idea to keep a can of this insecticide on your utility cabinet.

Stomp on the ants

Although this method will not really kill all the velvet ants around, stomping on ants can help in eliminating their population. When you see one or two ants crawling, you can just stomp on it with the sole of your shoe. Remember; do not step on a velvet ant without protection because you might end up getting stung.

Treat your home with liquid insecticide

Treating your home regularly with insecticide may kill velvet ants and other insects around. You can use a permethrin-based insecticide and spray it around your lot. You can get this product in the home improvement store. Simply follow the directions written on the product’s label. This is very effective in killing velvet ants, and it will also help in keeping these insects away from your lot.

Patch holes, cracks and crevices

Holes, cracks and crevices serve as entrances and lairs for these unwanted insects. If you want to restrict their access to your home, you should patch holes, cracks and crevices. You should also consider placing screens on your windows and doors. This will not just keep those velvet ants out, but other bugs and insects in general.

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