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How To Get Rid of Vinca

Do you have vinca growing rapidly around your garden? Are you afraid that it might take over your lawn in no time? Well, indeed, if you do not put a stop to the growth of vinca, they will just spread around like fire. So when you first see them growing, you should already try to get rid of these plants. Vinca is actually a type of periwinkle. It is known for its invasive character. These vinca plants pose a great threat to other plants. So if you are growing some beautiful flowers in your garden, vinca must be removed before they can kill your other plants.

Removing vinca is quite tough. They spread and grow rapidly. If you try to remove them and leave even just a piece of root around, they will just grow. Nevertheless, there are still effective ways to get rid of vinca. Here are some things you can do to remove these invasive plants from your yard.

Dig them up

IF there are only a few vinca growing around your yard, then you can just try to manually dig them up. This is one of the most effective ways because you can be sure that the entire plant system is pulled up from the ground. However, it may be tiring especially if there are already lots of invasive vinca around.

Simply get a gardening spoon or a small shovel and dig around the plant first until the plant becomes loose. Try to shake its stem and when you feel like it is easy to pull up, then go ahead and pull it from the ground. Place the vinca in a secured garbage bag. When doing this, you should always protect your hands with gloves to avoid getting cut by the plant.

Mow them regularly

If you have no time for manually digging the plants up, then you can just run the lawn mower. However, this may turn up as a daunting task as well because you will have to mow the plants regularly until they die. When you mow the plants even before they mature, they will not be able to get enough nutrients for their growth. Thus, if you keep depriving them of the growth they need, there will come a time that they will grow weak and just die. But, before they completely die, you may have to mow them constantly for months and months.

Solarize them

Another effective way to get rid of vinca is to solarize them. Solarization is a common process done to kill weeds. Basically, you just cover the plants so that the heat is trapped and will be absorbed by the plants. First, cut down the vinca until they are in level with the ground. A quick mowing will also do the trick. Then, get cardboards, tarpaulin or just lots of old newspapers. Lay down the item of your choice to cover the vinca patches. Be sure to make a thick layer of cover so that the heat will really not be able to escape. Secure the cover with large stones. Just leave it as is for about a month or so and the vinca plants will be grilled by the trapped heat, and eventually these plants will die. Just keep on checking your cover and replace them if needed be.

Ask help from a gardener

If you cannot put a stop to the growth of vinca, you can always ask help from a gardener and have your garden treated with some weed killer.

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