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How To Get Rid of Vines

There are lots and lots of plants species all around the globe. Most are wonderful to the eyes while some can be an eyesore. Unfortunately, most of the times, those beautiful ones are hard to grow while those which are not as pleasant just sprout out of nowhere. This is true with invasive vines. Wild vines are those plants that just seem to crawl around your garden. They will wrap themselves in fences, stones, trees and even smaller plants. Invasive vines are a major enemy for garden owners because when these vines grow, other plants in the garden will most likely become unhealthy.

When vines takeover your lot, other plants growing in your garden are put to risk. These vines will steal the nutrients that are supposed to be received by the plants that you take care of. In the long run, if you did not stop vines from growing, you may probably end up with a garden that is full of unwanted wild vines. To keep your garden safe and free from vines, you should try to remove these invasive vines while they have not taken over your garden yet. Here are some things you can do to get rid of vines.

Wear your protective gear

Before working in your garden, you should wear protective gear first. Wear long sleeve top and long pants. Put on your gloves as well and eyeglass for protection. This must not be forgotten to avoid injury especially if you are dealing with vines with thorns.

Cut the vines

Cutting the vines does not guarantee that they will not grow anymore but it is the first step in removing these vines. Simply get your weed trimmer or garden shears and try to cut up those vines, leaving only a short growth. Remember to place all the cut vines inside a garbage bag as soon as it hits the ground. This is because vines have roots or seeds all around their body that can be left on the soil and start a new growth again, so be sure to catch the fallen vines.

Dig up the roots

Even though it is harder to pin point where the root of a vine is, you can only stop its growth once the root has been removed from the ground. So once you have cut most of the vines, you can now proceed to uprooting it. Simply get a small shovel and dig around the vine. Be careful not to break the roots because it may just grow again. Once you have dug deep enough, you can now try to firmly yank out of the soil the roots and remaining parts of the vine.

Spray some herbicide or weedkiller

If there are just lots of vines around, then you can opt to use herbicide or weedkiller. Start by cutting most of the vines as well. Then, apply the herbicide or weedkiller. It is more efficient to use those that come in spray bottles. Just read the label on how to use the product and follow the instructions properly. Wait for the herbicide or weedkiller to take effect. If it did not die in one application, just repeat the process until it dies.

Call a gardener

Most abandoned yards are full of vines. If your yard has not been taken care of, you might find lots of vines that seem unmanageable. For these cases, it is best to call a gardener for help and pay for his service.

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