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How To Get Rid Of Vinyl Smell

Vinyl is one of the most common materials that are used in the production of many products. From clothing and accessory materials to toys to furniture, vinyl can be present. Nowadays, it has gotten more popular because of its use as a substitute for leather, thus, it is also called faux leather. But like leather, it also has this flaw that makes it a bit unlikeable. That is it’s not so pleasant smell. When you have just recently bought something that is made of vinyl, it is just natural that you will encounter its strong, unpleasant odor. This is because vinyl materials undergo a process called off-gassing. Off-gassing is that process when the gasses and chemicals from the vinyl product start to evaporate.

Vinyl smell is not just unpleasant, but it is actually quite harmful. Since vinyl is made of some chemicals that are not friendly to the body and the environment, when you inhale the vinyl smell, it can cause you to become dizzy or nauseous. IN worst cases, you can even get respiratory illnesses. So when you have bought a product made of vinyl, you should try to get rid of it for the sake of making breathing more comfortable and lessening the risk of getting ill. Here are some things you can do to get rid of vinyl smell.

Let the smell evaporate

When you just bought a product that emits the vinyl smell, and then you can just place the item outside of your house for some time until the smell goes away. Do not place the product inside the house just yet because it might just cause your house to be filled with the vinyl smell. So place the product outside or in an open area in your house where the air can freely take away the vinyl smell.

If the product is too precious to be left out in the open, then you can just place it inside a room where the ventilation is great. Make sure that the windows are open and just leave an electric fan pointing at the product so it can help blow away the unwanted vinyl smell towards the window.

Wipe it with baking soda

Baking soda can easily fight that unwanted vinyl smell. Simply mix some baking soda and warm water. Then, using a piece of cloth, rub this mixture to the vinyl material. Leave the mixture to work for a couple of minutes to a few hours. Then, rinse the area with clean water. This should absorb most of the vinyl odor.

Wash with vinegar and water

Aside from baking soda, you can also make use of vinegar and water solution if the material is not reactive to vinegar. Simply dilute half a cup of vinegar for a cup of water. Using this solution, wipe the vinyl product. Leave the material to air dry. Then, wipe the product again with clean water. This should be able to remove the vinyl smell. Repeat if necessary.

Wash with detergent

If the product that you are dealing with can be washed, then you can just launder it. For optimum results, you can soak the product first in water and vinegar solution, or baking soda solution as described above. Then, after most of the smell has gone, you can now launder the item with detergent. Let the product dry naturally. As it dries, the vinyl smell will also go away.

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