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How To Get Rid Of Violets

Violets are one of those plants that can be pleasing or painful to the eyes. While wild violets are fine when you see them in an uninhabited lot, it is the opposite when they start to grow to your very own yard. Wild violets are native plants that are found across America, particularly in the northern countries. In areas where they are abundant, these violets are most often considered as notorious, unwanted weeds. If you are one of its victims, you probably know how much of a headache these violets can bring.

When your yard starts to get overtaken by wild violets, you should start to treat your lot right away even before these plants can eat up your yard. If you are taking care of some garden flowers or crops, the more reason you should watch out for these violets. Wild violets will consume the nutrients in the ground that are meant for your plants, and once this happens, your plants will just grow weaker. So if you see the first signs of invasive wild violets, you should take care of it as soon as you can. Here are some tips you can also take note of in order to get rid of violets.

Pull them up

If the violets in your yard are still small, then you can just take a trip to your garden and remove the violets with your hand one by one. Wear your gardening gloves and grab a small gardening spoon. Then, just dig around the wild violet plant. You can also just use your hands to claw around the plant. When you see that the roots are appearing and that the plant is already easy to yank out, firmly grasp the violet stem and then pull the whole plant up. Place it in a garbage bag. Repeat this method to the remaining violet plants.

Mow and cover

If the wild violets have grown on a big portion of your lot, then it might be be practical to dig them one by one. Instead, you can just opt to mow the wild violets and to cover the patches in order to trap the sunlight and burn the remaining wild violet plants. So just run your mower on the lawn, and then get a thick tarpaulin or lots of pieces of newspaper or plastics. Lay them down the patches. Once you have covered the wild violet patches, just wait for a couple of weeks or months to see if the violets have suffocated from the trapped heat. When the violets did not grow anymore, just rake the dried roots and dispose.

Treat with glyphosate herbicide

Glyphosate herbicide is quite effective with wild violets. They are also not as harmful to the nature. Simply get glyphosate herbicide from the gardening store and get to know how to apply it. Once you have read the instructions carefully, apply the treatment to the wild violets in order to kill them. Usually, you will have to apply the glyphosate herbicide once a month until the violets are all removed from the lot.

Hire a gardener

If all else fails, then it’s time to get some cash from your savings and hire a gardener. Hiring a gardener, although it may cost you some bucks, may be better because you can just relax and continue with your errands and leave the wild violet removal to the gardener.

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