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How to Get Rid of Vomit Taste

There’s nothing out there that comes close to the taste of vomit, and that statement is not meant to be positive. Vomit is one of the most repulsive things that come out of the human body. The smell of vomit is unimaginably bad; then just think about how it would taste. Vomit is composed of combination of different foods that are almost digested and further worsened by body fluids that can be acidic as well.

Vomit taste can linger in the mouth and it is something that is rather unpleasant. The mixture of food and acidic body fluids can also give vomit foul odor. What’s worst about tasting vomit in the mouth is that it can trigger another vomit fest. The moment you throw up, you should do whatever it takes to remove the taste of vomit from the mouth.

There are a lot of things that can be done to make sure that vomit taste is removed from the mouth. All it takes are simple steps and some of these steps; you have already performed regularly during your day to day activities. It’s not hard to get rid of vomit taste and should it happen again just do the procedures again:

Brush your teeth

Having good oral hygiene can keep your mouth free from different types of odor, but nothing prepares your mouth for the catastrophic odor brought about by vomit. Good oral hygiene starts with brushing the teeth. Indeed, the very first thing that you should do to get rid of vomit taste is by brushing your teeth. Toothpaste with strong mint flavor should do the trick although you need to make sure that you do it right. When gargling, you can use salt with water to kill off the bacteria that came with the vomit.

Use mouthwash

Even without vomit taste lingering in their mouth, there are people who prefer to use mouthwash after brushing their teeth. Mouthwash comes in different varieties and all of them are formulated to kill bacteria in the mouth. They also leave desirable taste afterwards which is perfect to combat the effects of vomit taste. The germ killing action of mouthwash can take care of the odor vomit produced which in effect would deal with the vomit taste as well.

Have a candy

One of the many causes of vomiting is drinking excessive amounts of alcohol which means that you may be outside partying far from your toothbrush. There is nothing more embarrassing than reeking of vomit and when you are with company, you should get rid of the vomit taste to deal with the vomit smell. Have a candy, preferably a menthol candy or any strong flavored citrus candy which can alleviate the taste of vomit.

Get yourself a steam bath

What you want to do is to prepare a hot shower enough to create some steam in the bathroom. Aside from the fact that a shower will remove vomit on you, the steam created in the room will unclog the sinuses which are likely clogged with vomit. Remember that the mouth and the nose are connected and whatever you smell, you will taste.

Blow your nose

Since vomit can be clogged in the sinuses, you can blow your nose off after you have a steam bath. Since the steam bath has softened whatever is clogging the sinuses, it will be easy to remove whatever is clogging it up.

What worked for you?

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