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How To Get Rid Of Wallpaper

Remodeling can be quite the hassle and can lead to many decision making moments. One moment to mark an example are those wallpapers. When remodeling your home, changing the wallpaper will create a better environment as well as a new and more comfortable look. Of course, a little rearranging of your furniture is also recomended and since you are changing your wallpaper, it is a must that you disarrange and rearrange your furniture. Since you are remodeling your house, expect to encounter some problems, especially with the old and outdated wallpapers that chose to stick to your wall like the most adhesive glue. Yes, can be a pain when you decide to remove them, but if it does come to that, this article will direct you to an easier way to discard those old wallflowers to make room for the new look.

Wallpapers are designed to give your house a beautiful ambiance. Unfortunately, they are also desinged to stick on the wall and they are good at it. This might not give you trouble but when you are planning to change the wallpaper, their adhesive power can be very annoying.  That is why it is quite troublesome to determine whether you will just paint over it, or remove the thing to place a new one. While painting sounds a bit easier, it actually has more hassle than just removing and replacing that wallpaper. It can be quite aggrevating to remove them, but if you do so much as to paint over one without determining if it’s in good enough shape, then that’s a gamble that may make a messier environment and you wouldn’t want that. Of course, removing wallpapers are messy as it is and can get quite frustrating. Just don’t get discouraged and follow these steps.

Rage-quiting halfway is prohibited and after you get used to it, it isn’t as bad as it seems. Here are tips on how to get rid of wallpaper.

Peel by hand

Try to poke around before you try the big guns. Go see if you can peel off the paper by hand. Cathc a small corner and start from there. If the peeling seem like it will cause damage to your wall or does not peel easily, stop and try the next step.

Use drop cloth

You may want to keep the place clean even though this is a messy job. Place a drop cloth on the floor beneath the wall you desire to peel. You can’t prevent water from dripping and it might damage your floor if you just let the water and adhesive glue to fall to the floor.

Use scarifier

Start scoring the wall-papered surface with your scarifier. This can be bought in your local hardware store. Use borad circular motions to nick the paper. This will allow the solution to seep behind the paper and release the glue.

Wallpaper removing solution

Fill a spray bottle with hot water and wallpaper-removing solution. Then, start saturating small areas of the wall and allow it to sit in about 15 minutes or so.

Wallpaper steamer

After steps 2-4, you should be able to peel off the wallpaper from the wall without damaging the wall if done correctly. If that is unsuccesful, use a wallpaper steamer. It is messier than scoring, but more effective.

Let it dry

After removing the wallpaper, allow the wall to dry for one whole day. This is necessary especially if you want to paint the walls afterwards.

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