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How To Get Rid Of Walnut Trees

A walnut tree is a great addition to a household yard. They provide shelter, fragrant fresh air, and even lovely walnut fruits. The trunks of walnut trees can also be sold because they are used in making household furniture or certain gun parts.

However, despite the walnut tree benefits, there are times when household owners just want to cut down walnut trees, especially if the walnut tree growing in their yard is a black walnut tree. This may be because the walnut tree is growing somewhere where it should not be. Or maybe, the walnut tree is taking up so much space in your lot that it is eating up most of the land in your yard. If that is the case, then here are things that can help you get rid of walnut trees.

For small walnut tree sprouts

If the walnut tree is still small and it is just starting to grow, then you will not have much trouble getting rid of it. You can just simply drown the walnut tree sprout using running water. Let the water soften up the soil as well. After a few hours of soaking up the tree and the soil where it grows on, dig up around the tree sprout until you can see most of its root system. Then, pull out the walnut tree sprout. Dispose it off properly. Make sure that no root piece remains in the soil because it might grow again if not removed.

Remove the branches

If you are dealing with a grown walnut tree, you must cut it first, pieces by pieces. First, start cutting the tree branches. Use a handheld saw and trim down those walnut branches with it. You will need to climb up the tree when doing this so follow precautionary measures if you do not want to end up losing your bones instead of removing the walnut tree in your yard.

Cut tree portions

Once you have removed the branches, you now have to cut portions from the walnut tree. You should remove the upper trunk of the tree first using a tree saw. Cut the upper walnut trunk in portions and not just in one go. This means that you should divide the tree to about 3 feet per portions. This may be a daunting task but it is better that way instead of cutting the tree in one go which might be highly risky and very difficult as well.

Use herbicide on the stump

When you have cut down the upper and middle portion of the tree, you are now ready to work on its base. Cut rings around the remaining stump and use herbicide on it. Spray ample amount of herbicide on the stump surfaces to make sure that the remaining part of the tree absorbs the chemicals. It is recommended that you use glyphosate herbicides because they are not as harmful as other chemicals.

Wait for the stump to die

It might take a long time before the walnut tree stump dies. During this period of time, you just have to regularly spray glyphosate herbicide on the tree until it turns almost gray. When the tree has completely died, you can now remove the tree stump.

Dig for the roots

After you have removed most of the stump, you should now work on the roots. Dig about 2-3 feet under the ground and remove the remaining root system of the walnut tree. Ones you have removed the walnut tree residue, then your lot will be free of walnut tree.

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