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How to Get Rid of Warts

Warts are commonly caused by a single virus. However, that one cell can have many strains. The culprit is called human pappilloma virus or what is usually known as HPV. Being one of the most prevalent infections in the world, almost 40% of both men and women are prone to having them.

This virus lives inside our skin, making them unseen most of the time. They feed on our blood vessels as they keep themselves alive always. This is the very reason as to why it can be very painful when you have them removed. They are embedded in the skin and securely attached to the capillaries. When they are still new and fresh, there can really be no signs of them. However as soon as they feed themselves, you will see black spots. Those are actually clotted blood vessels that continuously feed your warts. So, as soon as you sense these black spots (even though there are still none), it is best to let a dermatologist check them or follow some of these tips:

Duct tape

Now this may be a little odd but it is very effective. So, once you see visible warts, measure its size and cut a duct tape with the same size. Put it over them and leave it for about 5 to 6 days, depending on its size. After that, remove the tape and soak your wart/s in tap water for a few minutes. With an emery board or pumice stone, file the dead skin on your wart. Continue this process until you can see that the warts are completely gone. This is known to be very effective because the irritation that is inflicted on the skin will force your immune system to fight off the virus.


Vinegar is a great home ingredient that works wonders on warts. W hat you’re going to want to do is soak vinegar on a cotton ball or a sponge.  Apply this vinegar to a bandage and wrap your wart for up to 3 hours on a daily basis.  Continue to do this until the wart completely disappears.


Garlic is known to be a very effective alternative medicine when it comes to virus inflicted conditions which is why it is perfect for warts. The traditional way is to crush some garlic and rub it directly to your wart. Cover it with a clean bandage afterwards. To make sure that the unaffected skin will not be irritated by the garlic, apply some petroleum jelly to the skin surrounding the wart/s. Apply new garlic every day and you will soon see blisters on your warts and they will eventually fall off after a week or so.

If you can’t stand having the smell of garlic on your skin for a week, there are garlic capsules that you can take. Take the capsules twice a day for at least a couple of weeks. Continue to take them until the warts disappears.

Vitamin C paste

Pick up some vitamin C tablets from the local pharmacy.  What you’re going to want to do is then ground the tablets and mix it will a little bit of water.  Mix it until a paste forms.  Once a paste is present, apply it to a bandage and wrap the wart.  Let it sit for at least 2 to 3 hours a day until the wart clears.  The same paste can be created with Aspirin as well.

Dandelion sap

If you happen to grow dandelions in your lawn, you don’t have to worry anymore with those warts. The dandelion’s sap will mildly irritate your skin and it will force your immune system to get rid of the warts. Just pick a healthy and untreated dandelion from your lawn and break the stem open. Slowly drip the sap over the wart. You might have to do this for a while until you can see the wart come off.

Soak in hot water

Purchase a foot bath and fill it with hot water.  You’re going to want to make sure that the water is over 100 degrees.  Don’t make it too hot because you can do more harm than good!  It’s always best to slowly dip your foot in to ensure that it isn’t too hot.  Once the water is at the right temperature, soak for 10 minutes on a daily basis.  If you want, after the warm water, it’s ideal to scrape away at the wart with a pumice stone.

Aloe Vera

Another home remedy that works wonders is Aloe Vera.  Purchase an Aloe Vera plant and break the leaf off.  Once the leaf is broken off, rub the gel that comes off the leaf onto the wart.  Repeat this daily until the wart starts to look better.


Gather fresh basil and add it to a bandage.  Apply the bandage to your wart and wear it daily.  This can take up to a week to see any reasonable results.  Just like the basil, castor oil can work just as good.

Consider OTC products

There are many products on the market that can help get rid of the warts.  If you’re considering a cream or another type of treatment, try to purchase a treatment that is approved by the FDA.  it’s always best to look for treatments that have a high level of salicylic acid.

What worked for you?

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