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How To Get Rid Of Wasps

Are you having trouble with wasps? Do you always see them flying around your lot, frightening your family and visitors as well? Worry not. Wasps are not really dangerous insects. In fact, they, too, are feeling threatened by human actions.

Wasps are insects that are so much like bees, only that they do not produce wonderful honey. They are essential pollinators that help spread plants and crop seeds, thus, without these wasps that you find frightening, you probably will have trouble searching for food that you eat.

Nevertheless, although wasps give benefits, there might be times when they are found in the wrong place like your very own garden. If you can manage the wasps and make them your garden helpers, then good for you. But if you are one of those who have no idea what to do with wasps, then here are some things that you might find helpful in getting rid of wasps.

Remove their resources

One of the simplest, yet very effective things you can do to make those wasps go away is to remove their resources. The reason why they might be visiting your home is because you are able to provide all their needs. If there are a lot of flowers and water resources in your area, then your lot will attract wasps.

If you have a garden filled with flowers, then it is not really very practical for you to cut your plants. Instead, you can build a closed garden cover over the plants to secure them from the wasps. Another thing is for you to remove all exposed water resources like stagnant water. If the wasps cannot access any flower to pollinate or water to drink, they will leave your lot.

Make smoke

Every morning, you can go out to your lot and sweep all those fallen leaves and pile them in one safe place. When the wasps come buzzing, light these fallen leaves to create a fire. The smoke will alarm those wasps and chances are they will leave.

If the nest of the wasps is in your garden, you can make fire near the nest. When the wasps smell smoke, they will smell trouble and they probably will go away. You can do this regularly for a few days until the nest is completely empty and ready to be knocked down.

Spray insecticide

If the wasps did not go away with your friendly removal methods, then it might be time to use chemicals to shoo them away. When the night falls, prepare yourself and wear protective gears. Then, go out to your lot and stand a few feet away from the wasp nest. Then, with glyphosate insecticide, spray around the nest. Once the wasp smell the insecticide, you might hear wild buzzing and movements inside the nest and you might even see some wasp flying around. When the buzzing sound has calmed down, try spraying some more insecticide. If there is no reaction, the remaining wasps might already be dead.

Call for help

Wasps are generally friendly insects but if you mess with them, they will fire back at you. So if you do not know how to handle wasps, or even with several attempts you failed to remove them, you can call for help. Beekeepers would know the trick in getting rid of them so call a local beekeeper and ask for his wasp removal services.

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