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How To Get Rid Of Webworms

If you reside in a place with lots of trees, your area is most probably prone to many insects such as webworms. Webworms are common insects that can be found lingering around trees during the autumn or fall season. Webworms are actually not worms but they are from the moth family. They are just known for being webworms because they are still on the larval stage of tiger moths so they have this similar appearance with worms. Probably the most notable activity of webworms is to create webbed nests, hence the name given to it.

Webworms are actually not harmful. They do not destroy or damage the trees unlike some notorious pests. Nevertheless, these webworms create some unpleasant waste on the skin of the tree trunks so most household owners want them gone. Although webworms pose no threat to the trees, humans and animals, it is best to get rid of webworms because they make your lot quite unsightly. SO if your trees are home to webworms, here are some things you can do to remove them from your lot.

Manually pick the webworms

If the tree that has been infested by the webworms is not really big and there are only a few webworms around, you can just opt to manually pick up these insects. Simply prepare a small bucket of water with some liquid dishwashing soap. Then, wear your gloves and go out to pick up those webworms from the trees. Place the webworms into the small bucket of soapy solution to drown them. Do this for the remaining webworms you see.

Burn the webworm nests

One easy thing to do in order to get rid of webworms is to use fire to burn their webbed nests. You can just get a lit candle and use it to fire up the nests. Be careful when dealing with fire to avoid accidents.

Chop up the trees

If the webworms have already settled on the tree, you can just try to locate where the webbed nests are. Check out the branches, particularly the small ones. Once you have found the branches that are infested, you can just chop up this portion of the tree. Cutting off the tree branches with the webworms is one of the easiest eradication methods next to manually picking them up. After you have removed the branches, secure it in a disposable garbage bag and properly dispose it in a safe place.

Attract birds

Birds are the number one predators for insects like worms. If you want those webworms gone, simply poke the webbed nests with a stick to slightly open them up. Then, lay bird feeds around the trees to attack those little chirping creatures. Once they see the treats on your trees, they will finish the job of removing those webworms from your sight.

Use BT treatment

BT treatment or the use of Bacillus Thuringensis bacterial agents in getting rid of different kinds of insects is one of the safest methods you can resort to. These bacteria have the ability to kill many insects and pests including webworms. The good thing about this spray is that they are powerful in cleaning pests but they do not harm the environment and humans as well. You can get BT treatment sprays from almost any gardening or home improvement shop. Simply open up the webbed nests that you see and spray the BT treatment directly into it.

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