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How To Get Rid Of Weeds

Housework is never an easy task, especially when it comes to cleaning up your house. To makes things worse, aside from the typical household chores, even your garden need some maintenance now and then. This makes the task of beautifying your lot even more daunting. Not only are you doing housework, but yard work is also needed to keep your home clean and fresh. While housework involves chores around the house such as sweeping and vacuuming, yard work is a little bit different. While both involve hard labor, both have its rewards as well. As for yard work or gardening, it’s all about keeping the environment around your house clean. From removing bugs to picking up falling leaves, keeping your lot clean will make you sweat even in winter time. As such, there will always be that problem that keeps on growing which is probably the number one annoyance to household owners who keep a clean lawn. This problem is weeds.

Weeds are the most common garden problem known. They will grow and impede your yard from becoming clean and sanitary. Removing them is top priority and ignoring them will make your yard suffer from insects and look messy in general. For years, it’s been known as a never-ending struggle between man and weed. Pulling them out is a way to keep them from growing in number, but they will still occupy your yard until you use a method to get rid of them for good. Which brings you to another dilemma: there is no easy way to get rid of weeds completely. You need to use several methods to eradicate them from your yard. Unlike drowsiness, weeds do not disappear overnight. It takes time and effort to completely get rid of weeds. This article will show you how to get rid of weeds.

Pull the weeds

When pulling the weeds, make sure you get as much stem as possible. That means pulling the roots completely out of the ground. If you don’t, the weed you just pulled will only grow back. Try to get as much of the stem as you can. It’s a back-breaking work, but it will help you in the long run.

Mow your grass as often as possible

If you keep your grass short and without any weed, you decrease the possibility of distributing weed seeds all over your yard. Make sure you bag every grass you mow. Some of them might contain weed seeds that will grow all over if not properly disposed of.

Apply fertilizer

For a less hands-on approach, fertilize you grass during their growing season. This is very important. Make sure you fertilize them only during their growing season. Otherwise, you will only be feeding the weeds with your expensive fertilizer. Talk to your local gardener to find out when is your lawn’s season to bloom.

Use aerosols and herbicides

Aerating the ground will prevent any weeds or foreign greenery to grow any further. Think of it as nuking your ground and making it impossible for weeds to grow. Use herbicide to prevent further intrusion of weeds. Make sure you purchase the right one that won’t kill your grass. It works exactly like an aerosol: apply it directly to the weed to kill them. For more information about the use of aerosol and herbicide, you can consult a professional gardener.

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