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How to Get Rid of Weevils

Insects play a vital role in our daily lives. Some are helpful, but most are harmful or just completely a big annoyance. For instance, bees gather honey that makes lots of medicine and yummy food. But in some cases, they can also harm with their stingers. They are both considered dangerous and helpful. Butterflies can make gardens look even more radiant and beautiful. These helpful insects will increase your benefits and give you more out of life. But insects like cockroaches live only to infest and pollute your environment. These anomalies need to be disposed of as soon as possible. One particular insect that is a minor threat but can get really annoying if not taken care of are weevils.

Nearly undetected and unseen by passing people, weevil grow inside your pantries. They can infest and pollute the food where they grow so it’s best to get rid of them as soon as you can. Remember that weevils are tiny so you need something to detect them so you can implement actions to get rid of them. Being part of the beetle family, weevils can be destructive. They can make a mess similar to a spider’s web inside you box or package of food. As such, they are considered pests and must be gotten rid of as soon as possible. This article will show you tips on how to get rid of weevils before they get rid of your food.

Transfer your foods in a sealed container

Once you have seen the weevils on your pantry, it is quite illogical if you do not remove your food groceries from the cabinet. So if you see those little creepers crawling around, immediately remove all your groceries from the pantry. Try to shake off as much weevils as possible. And in the meantime, place the foods in a sealed container first while you try to chase those unwanted weevils.

Freeze your food

If these weevils have been feasting on your foods, then you can take out your groceries from the pantry first. Segregate those which have been infested and which have been not. Those foods containing starch and sugar should be transferred into a tight container like a jar. Then, place it on the freezer. The cold temperature will kill the weevils and even their little eggs.

Note that those foods that have been heavily infested should be thrown away properly.

Vacuum your pantry

Once everything has been taken out, you can now get rid of the weevils. One effective way of catching them is to use a vacuum. Simply run your vacuum and use it to suck out all the weevils and other dirt from your pantry. Then, go out to a safe place, away from your home to release the weevils. Or if you live in a residential area, fill a bucket with soapy hot water and release the vacuumed weevils in the water so that they can drown.

Wash your pantry

Even though you have gotten rid of the weevils, you should still wash your pantry to be sure that it is clean and free of dirt. Get hot water and some liquid soap again. Make a soapy solution out of this. Using a sponge, scrub your pantry with the soapy water solution. Once you have cleaned every side of it, you can now wash the pantry with clean water. Let it dry overnight, then transfer the food groceries back once the pantry has dried completely.

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