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How To Get Rid Of Well Water Smell

DO you often smell rotten egg odor from your water? Instead of getting squeaky clean, are you always left with this very unpleasant odor after you have just taken a bath? Are you having problems being hygienic because what you are using to clean yourself is actually not too clean? When your water smells, you are up to have a very tricky problem. If you are living with well water, then you will most likely encounter well water smell. This is caused by the high levels of sulfate in the water, bacteria, lack of oxygen in the water and a whole lot more. These factors are the ones that make the water smell like rotten egg which may then give you a hard time living with well water.

If your water resource is derived directly from the natural water sources like well water, you might often encounter unwanted smell. Well water smell is most similar to rotten egg smell although it is caused by the sulfur element in the well water. Well water smell is not just plain annoying, but frequent inhalation of the odor coming from it may even cause respiratory problems, because the odor is associated with the hydrogen sulfide gas. That is why, if you are living with well water and you constantly get bothered by its odor, you should not just ignore it as it may cause more harm over time. Getting rid of the well water smell is the number one thing you should do. Here are some things you can do to get rid of well water.

Replace the water heater

If the well water smell only rises up from hot water faucets, then there might be a problem with your water heater system. Water heaters have anode rods that help in prevention of corrosion. If you want to reduce the well water smell, you should replace the anodes with something made from less reactive material like aluminum. When you replace the anode rods, the hydrogen sulfate and other bacteria in your water system will be countered. So once you have replaced the water heater anodes, you will most likely be able to eliminate the rotten egg smell from the water.

Chlorination of your water heater

Well water smell might also occur because of non-use of the water heater system. In order to fix this problem, you can use the chlorination method. Simply apply chlorine bleach on your water heater system so that it will kill the bacteria on the water and reduce the water sediments. After the chlorine bleach has worked, flush the water tank.

Chlorination of your water system

While chlorination of your water heater may work, it will only be effective within a short period of time. If you want to get rid of the well water smell for good, then you should opt for chlorination of your whole water system, so that the water supply that comes to your home will be cleansed. There is the method “shock chlorination” which you can do in order to kill the bacteria in your water system and to remove the elements that contribute with the well water smell. Shock chlorination is actually very affordable so it is one of the best methods you can administer to remove the well water smell. If you want this option, you might need to consult someone who can repair your water system, or, you can do some research online for a complete step-by-step DIY shock chlorination.

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