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How To Get Rid Of Wheat Moths

Inside the house, sanitation is a must since many things that should be kept clean are all there. This includes food, water, furniture, and many others. Unfortunately, there are some factors that contribute to them being unsanitary and polluted. There are many types of insects that could turn your home into a swarm of nightmares. For instance, unwanted pests bring problem since they are dirty and like to touch things, particularly, food. One of the most popular insect pests that are responsible for this kind of mess is wheat moths.

Wheat moths are attracted to various household foodstuffs, particularly those which contain wheat. Do you see holes in your carpets and curtains? Blame the moths. Do you see your clothes torn to pieces? Blame the moths. Does your food constantly disappear with the leftovers having holes? Again, blame the moths. Moths are common household pests. To add to that, they are very destructive and often leave your home half-bitten. While it’s logical to say adult moths cause all the damage, the real culprit is the larvae. They cause more destruction than the adults. To this logic, getting rid of both larvae and adult is highly recommended to keep a clean and less infested home. So if you are facing the wrath of wheat moths, this article will show you how to get rid of these tiny little pests.

Check your pantry

Since wheat moths most commonly attacks your food, then the number one thing you should take a look at is your pantry or kitchen cabinet. While adult wheat moths will be flying around. Their younglings will be left munching on your food groceries. So whenever you think wheat moths are attacking your house, they are most likely feasting in your pantry.

Remove your food groceries

Once you have found that the wheat moths are indeed having a good time wrecking your groceries, you should immediately take out all the food inside your pantry. This is necessary in order for you to assess the damage. Check all the food one by one and see if it has been contaminated. Those who have been damaged by the wheat moths, unfortunately, should be thrown away properly. While those which have very little signs of damage can still be saved if you put it inside the refrigerator for at least 24 hours. This will freeze and kill any remaining eggs.

Kill them all

After the groceries have been segregated, you can now work on cleaning up your pantry. If there is still some wheat moths left in your pantry, you can either remove them by spraying pesticide to kill them, or you can suck them up using a vacuum cleaner. Once they have been killed, remove the wheat remaining wheat moths.

Clean up your pantry

Now that your pantry is free from wheat moths, you can now clean up your pantry. You will just need a bucket of water mixed with some liquid detergent soap. Use a sponge or a scrub to apply this solution all over the pantry. Rub and scrub until all the dirt has been removed. Then, wipe your pantry clean with plain water. Leave it open overnight to dry. The next morning, you can now place back all your groceries. But this time, make sure to transfer those wheat-based foods into a secured jar so that, in case wheat moths will attack again, they will not be able to access your food anymore.

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