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How To Get Rid of Widow’s Peak

Do you have widow’s peak? Have you been conscious about this part of your hair and you just want to get rid of widow’s peak? Widow’s peak is that small inverted triangular patch of hair that is located in the center of the forehead. Some people actually find widow’s peak attractive, but some just do not like it at all. If you are one of those who have it but do not like it, do not fret because you can still do some things to remove this widow’s peak from your head.

Getting rid of widow’s peak is actually quite tricky. It is hard to maintain since, if you just cut widow’s peak, the hair will just grow back again within a matter of weeks. Nevertheless, you can still lessen the appearance of your widow’s peak or have it permanently removed. For those who want to get rid of widow’s peak in their forehead, here are some things that you can do.

Shave the hair

The easiest way to remove widow’s peak is to shave the hair in that area. Simply get a razor and run it across hair in the widow’s peak in your hairline. Once you have shaved the hair in your widow’s peak, you can temporarily get rid of it. But after some weeks, the hair can grow back again. When the widow’s peak comes back, and then just shave it all over again. Just be careful when shaving and be sure to follow the proper ways to shave your hair to avoid any accidents or adverse reaction from the razor.

Pluck your widow’s peak

This might hurt a bit but you can try to pluck your widow’s peak to remove it. Although it may take more time for you to finish plucking the hair in your widow’s peak, it will also take a longer time for your hair to grow back. Just pluck your hair like you would when you are plucking your eyebrows. If you do not want your widow’s peak to come back quickly, plucking might be better than shaving. However, it might not be a practical thing to do if the size of your widow’s peak is large and you got lots of hair on your hairline.

Change your hairstyle

Fringe or bangs can conceal widow’s peak. If you do not have bangs, you can cut some of your hair and let it go down in front of your forehead so it hides the widow’s peak. You can also part your hair to the side so that the widow’s peak can be covered.  There are many hairstyles that can help you cover up the widow’s peak without really removing it.

If you are not sure what style you can do to hide your widow’s peak, then you can consult a hairstylist. Get a new cut that do not emphasize the widow’s peak on your hairline.

Go for laser hair removal

If you do not want your widow’s peak from re-appearing, then you can go for laser hair removal. This will permanently remove the hair follicles where the hairs in your widow’s peak grow. It might be a bit costly to get rid of widow’s peak through laser hair removal, but it is efficient and effective. You can also go for other treatments such as electrolysis. Just talk to a professional about the different options for removing widow’s peak.

  1. Mustafa Said,

    waxing would prob be your best bet .i dont know how long it would last but i actually just got mine done today ans it was only five bucks. ♥

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