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How To Get Rid of Winged Ants

Ants are probably one of the most common insects that can invade you house. There are many types of ants that have their own unique way of making your lives irritating. There are those that can pester you all year long, but fortunately, there are also those types that just linger around during particular seasons of the year. One of these seasonal ants is the winged ants. Winged ants, from the name itself, are ants that basically have wings. They are also a bit larger than those fire ants and blacks ants that are the most commonly found in houses.

Winged ants only come during warm seasons when most insects swarm. They might just visit your house during their process of searching for a new home. They are not as disturbing as other ants, only that they can hover around, particularly at night, which is pretty much their major annoyance. But even though winged ants are not as harmful as other ants, you still should get rid of them because their population might grow and overtake a section of your home. To get rid of winged ants, here are some things that you can do.

Kill them one by one

If there are only a few winged ants around, then you can just kill every insect that you will come across. Hitting the winged ant with fly swatter can instantly kill it. You can also just crush it down with the sole of your shoe. This might not sound humane but it is the easiest method to get rid of winged ants.

Use the vacuum

If there are lots of winged ants around, then you can use the vacuum to remove them. At night, when the winged ants have gathered, run the vacuum engine and suck all those winged ants. Then, remove the vacuum bag where the winged ants are, seal it and dispose it properly. Do not release these winged ants because they will just come back and revisit your house again.

Draw lines with chalk

There are those anti-insect chalks that you can get in the market. This is one of the most popular ways to get rid of ants in general. Simply draw lines from this anti-insect chalk and it works like a barrier for winged ants. If you cannot get these kinds of chalks, baking soda will also do. Just sprinkle them around the areas where you do not want the ants to

Spray with soapy solution

Winged ants can easily be killed with soapy solution. Before you resort to using commercial insecticides, then you can use soapy solutions first. Just fill a spray bottle with water and add a few drops of liquid dish detergent. Shake the bottle and once the solution has been mixed up, you can now use it to spray to the winged ants.

Use aerosol ant sprays

You can use aerosol ant sprays to kill them all at once. Note that this method is not the most environmentally friendly one but it can sure get rid of winged ants effectively. You can get aerosol ant sprays at almost any home depot. Spray it directly on the winged ants. Once you have done the treatment, secure the area for at least an hour to enable the aerosol to dissipate. Do not let your children and pets get near the room where you sprayed the aerosol because it might cause adverse reaction.

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