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How To Get Rid of Winterboard

iPhone and iPod Touch have become two of the most popular gadgets today. In fact, they have become the most looked upon gadgets that are created by the famous Apple Company. But like all other products that are manufactured by Apple, iPhone and iPod Touch come with the basic and original styles of Apple. If you own one of these devices, then you probably know that you cannot really modify the gadget and divert from the Apple platform unless you tinker with its settings. Since most of the consumers want to customize their gadgets, they install apps in their iPhone or iPod Touch that enable them to do so. One of these apps is the Winterboard.

Winterboard is one of the most popular apps that enables you to create and customize your iPhone or iPod Touch’s theme. If you are tired of the basic Apple background, then you might have downloaded this app. However, not all things brought to you by Winterboard are quite helpful. In fact, it can sometimes make your gadget run slower, especially when it comes to Internet browsing. For this reason, you might be thinking of removing it. But how exactly can you get rid of Winterboard? There are only limited things you can do to remove it. Here are the things you can do to get rid of Winterboard.

Remove the icon

If you do not really want to uninstall Winterboard but you just want to remove it from the menu of your iPhone or iPod Touch, then you can just search for the Winterboard icon in your device. Then, click on the icon. You will be prompted into the settings of this app. In the first setting, you can see the option to hide the Winterboard. There is the on and off setting for this. If you want to hide the icon, switch it to On. After that, you will not be able to see the Winterboard icon in your menu anymore.

Uninstall it

You can easily uninstall Winterboard via Cydia. Just open it and then click on the Manage option on the bottom of your device’s screen. You will see there the options for Packages, Sources and Storage. Click on Packages and scroll down until you arrive on the Winterboard. Tap the Winterboard icon and select modify on the top right of the screen. New options will pop out with the Reinstall and Remove button. Choose the Remove button and confirm it on the next screen. Once you confirm the removal, it will reload and then you will see the Reboot Device. Select it and your device will restart. Once it starts again, the Winterboard will be gone.

Ask someone to remove it for you

So if you are a new iPhone or iPod Touch user, and you do not know much about the device, or you just cannot remove the Winterboard by yourself, then you can ask someone to remove it for you. Ask help from your friend who knows more about the gadget. Also, if no one can help you, then you can go to gadget repair shops and ask them to help you get rid of Winterboard. Some might just do it for free but some may charge you. DO not worry though because it is just an uninstallation of an app, you might not be charged too much.

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