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How To Get Rid of Wiregrass

Are there wiregrass growing in your lawn? Are they spreading and growing so quickly that you are afraid it might take over your whole lot? Wiregrass is a common type of grass that grows in warm areas like the southern states. They also grow around in different ecosystems where they serve as home and even food to animals. Wiregrass has its benefits to wild but most of the times; it is bothersome to home owners. If you are one of those affected by wiregrass growth, then you might be trying so hard to remove these unwanted grasses from your lawn.

Getting rid of wiregrass can be easy or difficult. Of course, if there are only a few wiregrasses around, then it might not be too challenging to remove them. However, if the infestation has already become severe, then you need to exert extra effort to get rid of the wiregrass. Here are some methods you can try.

Pull up the wiregrass

If the infestation is just beginning, then you can just opt to pull up the wiregrass. This should be easy if there are only a couple of patches around. It is also safe because you are not risking other plants around. However, this might take some time and dedication to do. It is best done early in the morning when the sun is not yet hot and the soil is slightly damp from moisture. Do not forget to wear safety gear such as gloves.

Drown them

When the wiregrass receives too much water than needed, then they will eventually die. However, it might be quite costly on your part. This is also not practical if you have other plants in your yard. But if you do not have other plants around, then you can just open up the water sprinkler and let it run for an hour every morning. This will be enough to drown the grasses. If you do not have water sprinkler, then you can just leave the garden hose running at minimal pressure.

Keep mowing the lawn

Mowing the lawn may make the wiregrass to just grow again. But if you keep on mowing the lawn frequently then the wiregrass will not be allowed to get all the nutrients it needs. When they get deprived of resources, then they will not live for long. Just mow your lawn frequently and do not allow the wiregrass to grow about an inch or two.

Cover the patches with plastic

You can also get rid of wiregrass by covering the wiregrass patches with plastic. If you cover them up, the heat will be trapped and the grasses will die. Just mow the lawn and then place layers of plastic to cover up the wiregrass patches. Usually, it takes a month or two in order to see results. If you need a faster way to get rid of wiregrass, then this may not be the choice for you.

Spray herbicide

A quick and effective way to get rid of wiregrass is to spray herbicide. However, this might not be safe for the nature. If you have other plants around, you better cover them up first. Herbicides are readily available in various gardening shops and home centers. If you can find organic herbicides, then get that one. Just follow the instructions that you can find in the product’s label. Be sure to ask for tips and assistance if you are not sure what to do.

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